You have probably noticed that the prices of items have been rising over the last few years.  This is due to inflation.  As the year 2013 continues, the prices of items will continue to increase.  You may be wondering what items are going to rise over the next year.


Gas Prices

The Problem: The price of diesel, propane and regular gasoline for your vehicle is very expensive.  You have most likely seen a rise over the last few years, and the prices will only continue to go up.  The price of gas in 2014 is expected to be at $5.00 a gallon.  This is a very high amount and too costly for anyone to pay.

What You Can Do About It: Storing gasoline now is a good idea.  While you may not want to start stocking up on it because it is already costly, it will only get more expensive.  You can store gas in safe gasoline containers away from kids.  There are also larger tanks that you can store in your yard to store gas in until you wish to use it.  These are some solutions you can take to solve the problem.


Shipping Costs
The Problem: Shipping costs are expected to rise greatly within the next few years.  This is due to a number of reasons.

What We Can Do About it: Deliver your packages to your friends and family in person.  While it may take a lot of gas to get there, you can pay a visit to them which they will appreciate as well.  If this is simply not doable, it is best to see what options you have.  Stuffing as much into your box, or shipping flat rate is probably cheaper.  You should also compare prices between FedEX, UPS and USPS to see which company is more affordable.


Precious MetalsCredit: Morgue FilePrecious Metals

The Problem: As inflation increases and our paper dollar continues to lose its value more everyday, the precious metals are going to be worth more and will continue to rise.  Soon the dollar bill will be worth nothing more than a sole piece of paper, no matter what numbers are marked on it.

What We Can Do About It: The fact that silver, gold, platinum and copper are rising could be a good thing for those who are prepared.  Simply saving up coins or bars is a great way to ensure your money is worth anything.  Precious metals not only hold a value in their silver and gold content, but they also a worth a lot to those who are collectors.  


Healthcare Costs

The Problem: Healthcare costs are expected to cost 6% in 2013.  There really is nothing we can do to prevent it.


Dirty Dozen and Clean DozenFood Costs

The Problem: There are many reasons for the prices of food to be rising.  Flooding in some areas, drought in others and the fact that some plants are being shut down is what is causing the food costs to rise.  You will see a rise in mostly produce, meat and bread.  Notice that the junk food is usually cheaper than the healthy food.  I wonder why this is? Hmm..

What You Can Do About It: To avoid paying extremely high prices for your food there are a few things that you can do.  Of course you can’t stock up on frozen food and produce to eat over the next few years, but you can buy dehydrated food.  Some of the dehydrated foods are very nutritious and beneficial to you.  You can store a lot of food in a small space.  Another thing you can do is start your own mini farm.  While you may not have the capacity to hold dozens of sheep, cows, hens, etc., you can hold a few animals and grow your own garden.  Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a healthier way to live anyway.


HouseCredit: Morgue FileHouse Prices

The Problem: The house market will continue to rise.  Although your property may not be worth that much, it will cause anyone who is interested in buying a house not interested anymore.  Perhaps eventually the prices of house may come down, but it doesn't look too promising anytime soon.

What You Can Do: There really is nothing you can do about the fact that the prices of houses continue to rise.  The only thing you really can do to not fall into the buying an expensive house is to rent.  The problem is, rentals are sky rocketing as well.  However, at least you don’t have a heavy burden of debt on your shoulders.  If you that the house is overpriced, it probably is.



The Problem: With all the new technology coming out on the market, we always have new electronics that we are interested in.  Every time a new device comes out there is something new evolved in it.  It may have a flip out camera, or the capability to record something in 3D.  Perhaps with the new devices you have the option of printing out a picture right then and there.

What We Can Do About It: We don’t always needs the best thing on the market.  When the new device is out for 6 months to a year the price will go down.  If you want to save your money, don’t plan to upgrade so quickly.  Wait until the new technology dies down before you buy the hottest device.  This goes for smart phones, computers, tablets, etc.



The Problem: Not only is the cost of college tuition going to rise, but it will be hard to find a job after graduation as well.  The cost of college is rising so greatly that there are many people that are unable to afford it.  With this being said, it will be harder to get scholarships, loans and grants.

What We Can Do: Start saving for your great great grandkids NOW!


Although we can’t do anything about reducing the prices of the items, there are some things we can do to save money.  Stocking up on these items ahead of time is a smart idea.  This way, we can buy the items at a low cost before the prices rise in the future.



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