Boracay Island is the summer capital of Philippines and has been named “World’s Best Island in 2012”.  It is located at the Province of Malay, Aklan in the western part of the country.  The Island is divided into three barangays namely Manoc-Manoc, Balabag and Yapak.  Boracay is known for its lovely and picture-perfect white-sand beaches and rich marine life.  Thousands of people pile on the island all year round.  That’s the reason why it became a major attraction worldwide.  The island does not only offer beautiful places to see but it also offers fun activities to do.

Hop In and Enjoy the Ride

It's nice to start your day off on a morning boat ride.  Let the sweet sunrise welcome you to paradise.  Boating has been a traditional way to explore the island.  There are several types of Boracay 1Credit: that you can choose from: the traditional pump boats, glass bottom boats and luxury boats.  If you explore the area by land, it will definitely take up your entire day but via a boat ride in 3 to 4 hours, you will be able see the beautiful wonders of this place.  Aside from the mainland, there are also other islets around and some of them are private resorts.  In the middle of your boat trip, your tour guide will allow you to sneak into the ocean.  They will provide you gears for snorkeling and will let you plunge yourself into the water to gaze the wonderful marine life in Boracay.

Whoop it Up

The fun never ends when you’re in Boracay.  If you are adventurous and sports-minded, why not try these exciting pursuits?  Banana boating, fly fish, helmet diving, Jet Ski and Parasailing are just few of the many water sport activities on the island.  For banana boating and fly fishing, you will ride on a banana-shaped inflatable attached to a motor boat.  The goal of this activity is to drop you off the boat and your challenge is to stay on top.  What’s even more challenging is that you are being carried away by the strong wind and you have nothing else to do but to hold on so grip well.  Helmet diving is another recreation in the area.  As the name suggests, you will be tasked to wear an oxygen-containing helmet while you walk on the ocean floor and go along with the different kinds of tropical fishes.  Another action-packed activity is parasailing.  You will be attached to a parachute that is actually elevated above the sea and a motor boat will lead the way while you are lifted up in the air.  When you are on top, you can see the beautiful view of the island while enjoying the soothing sea breeze.

Relax and Leave Your Worries Behind

Nothing is more breath-taking than a beautifulBoracay 2Credit: sunset and a mouth-watering dinner served by the sea.  Some restaurants offer eat-all-you-can buffets at reasonable prices.  The menu is mostly comprised of a variety of fresh seafood recipes.  After dinner, you can still stay and order your favorite drinks while jamming with the band and enjoy a spectacular show of fire dancers.  If you want to get wet and wild, parties are here, there and everywhere.  The night life, good music, and classic drinks will surely make your trip remarkable.