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You may know that olive oil can make a lot of food delicious and healthy, but it also is a natural way to treat your hair. Hair dyes and certain hair products leave your hair dry and chemically damaged, the beauty industry has led you to believe that in order to fix your hair you need expensive shampoos and oil treatments for your hair.

It's so not true!

Olive oil is one of many cheap and natural ways to help restore your hair and make it even more beautiful.

Olive Oil as a Hot Oil Treatment

A hot oil treatment is like using a conditioner that's been energized with electricity. It's useful if you have over-styled, dry, or chemically damaged hair. Three use kits that are bought in stores range from 7 to 20 dollars. The good news is, you don't need them. The oils that are used in these hot oil kits are essentially a few other oils mixed with olive oil. So why buy the kit when you could just fetch the bottle from your kitchen?

To make up a hot oil mixture for your hair all you need is about a half a cup of olive oil for average shoulder length hair. If you'd like to be more akin to the in store hot oil treatments you could try grinding up some rosemary, which gives hair a natural shine, and placing it in the oil before heating and straining it out before you put the oil in her hair.

Other options include:

  • Jasmine oils
  • Coconut oils
  • Tea Tree Oil (especially good if you are prone to dandruff)

Once you have your olive oil mixture, place it in the microwave until warm. Make sure it's not so hot you burn yourself. Place some of the mixture in your palms and work run your fingers through the your hair. Start at your roots and work your way up. Leave that mixture in for 30 minutes before washing it out.

Olive Oil and your Scalp

If your hair is to your liking, but your scalp is in need of a fix, olive oil is good for that too. Just dip your finger tips in the oil and massage them into your scalp. The oil will help moisturize and heal the scalp, but the massage will help increase blood flow in the scalp. The increase in blood flow will make your roots stronger and reduce hair loss.

This tip is especially helpful for men looking to reduce their hair loss. If your lady is fond of your hair, let her do it. The oil makes styling mens' hair particularly entertaining.

Stylists recommend that you should wrap a shower cap or a hot towel over the hair while you let it sit, just to help the oil do it's work. Hair loss is as much stress related as it is genetic, so a hot towel relaxing all your worries away can't hurt.

Olive Oil and Deep Conditioning

If your hair is particularly bad and 30 minutes of hot oil treatment just won't help, you can use it as an overnight deep conditioner. Unlike store bought deep conditioners, olive oil doesn't have any extra chemicals that might act adversely with your hair.

When you think about leaving olive oil in your hair all night you are probably cringing because you'll have to throw your pillow out. However, if you don't mind washing a towel, it will keep your pillows perfectly safe.

Before bed, apply a liberal amount of olive oil after your shower. Make sure your hair feels oily, but it isn't dripping. Wrapping a towel around your head will protect you from getting oil everywhere, but if you want to be extra safe, use a shower cap.

When you wake up, wash the oil out of your hair. Note that it often takes more than one wash to get olive oil out of your hair. I suggest you have a shampoo that has minimal chemicals or gets your hair very clean. The over use of chemical washes can end up making the process for naut. You should notice a huge different. You hair will not only be silky smooth but it will have that amazing sexy shine that you've always wanted.

How to Wash Olive Oil Out

We've covered all the good that olive oil can do for your hair, but olive oil is particularly tricky to get out of your hair. Like any oil, it tends to stick to your hair. As I mentioned above, if you wash it too many times with chemical shampoos, it will make all of it's hard work for nothing.

If it is really being quite stubborn, Dawn dish soap is very effective on getting olive oil out of hair. However, if you have dry hair, use it sparingly. Dawn is a very powerful grease cutter, as anyone who has washed dishes will tell you. It can dry out your hair if you use too much of it or use it too often.

The best advice is to find a shampoo that you've found cleans your hair well, if it cleans your hair well, it will most likely get olive oil out of your hair with only the minimum amount of washes.

When washing your hair, used warm or hot water only. Cold water will only make olive oil thicker and more greasy. Similar to what happens to bacon grease if you pour cold water on it. It gets thick, and you wouldn't want to try getting that out of your hair.

Once you get the oil out, you'll notice an improvement. You will also notice that your hair gets greaser faster for the next few days. However, washing this grease out it much easier than washing the olive oil out. After all, it's just your hair saying thank you for taking care of it. The natural oil of your hair is really the best remedy for damaged hair, but sometimes it needs that little help.