There are many of us who go about our day feeling depressed or worthless because of how others perceive us to be. How other people perceive you plays a pivotal role in the lives of many people, when it truly shouldn't be that way. As humans, we are social animals and we were all young children, therefore we've grown used to always altering the way we do things, so others won't feel discomfort. Altering our behavior for others to a certain extent is very much human, but is it right that you or I should have to change ourselves for others? I think not.

Some of us continually think about bad thoughts that shattered how good we are at something, how smart we are, or how tough we may be, etc. The bad thoughts are typically generated by insults from others or our own negative thoughts. Either way is still a detriment to your peace of mind and well-being.

When someone else finds your thoughts or actions conflicting, you have understand that that is not actually your problem. The problem lies within the other person. You are not the one who has problem, the other person has the problem. If you do not have the problem, why stress yourself over another person's perceived problem?

This is not balderdash about semantics. What I am writing about in this article is the ultimate truth and the reason to not take yourself so seriously because taking yourself too seriously can lead to self-destruction and who would want that for themselves? Absolutely no one.

I must admit that we must uphold a bit of collectivism to have a functioning society, so people can live with all the facilitation and rights of a modern world. However, we all must try as best we can to balance individualism and collectivism in our lives.

The point that I am illustrating in this article is that you must confirm all opinions about your self-worth. Your self-image should never be up for debate, due to the actions of others. It is completely deliberating to live in the shadow of others' opinions. Living in the shadow of others' opinions gives you no control over your life and no peace of mind. That is no way to live.