Vacation time is drawing near for a lot of people. Maybe you have been poring over travel brochures in search of the perfect destination because you just can’t decide what you want to do this year. Will it be someplace tropical and hot, or do you prefer colder temperatures? Do you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors participating in physical activity, or just relaxing and lounging around? Many families are planning Minnesota vacations because they can spend time together enjoying numerous activities outside regardless of the weather.


One of the advantages of heading off to Minnesota is that you are going to spend far less than you would should you choose some tropical island this time. It also takes a lot less time to get there, you don’t need a passport to travel, and you will have more fun than you can imagine, especially if your family likes to take part in outdoor sports. Skiing is a particular favorite of tourists who come to Minnesota-whether it is cross country or downhill. Miles of open countryside offer perfect cross country adventures, and there are more than a few mountains to conquer if downhill skiing is a favorite.


This state is truly spectacular and offers miles of wide open spaces to explore.  Depending on the season there are several different ways to see the sights. Horseback is popular in the summer months, as well as navigating an ATV. Rather be on foot? Hiking is a great way to explore, and you can pitch a tent and have a campfire to relax by at the end of the day if you really want to “rough” it. In the winter you can make use of a snowmobile, and have an exhilarating and invigorating ride in the fresh air. After a day like this, you are guaranteed to sleep like a baby come nighttime.


The superb hunting and fishing locations in Minnesota attracts thousands of visitors each season, and people come from miles away to try their luck at these sports. It isn’t just outdoor activities that attract so many visitors, however. The Mall of America is located here, and has countless stores, dining establishments, entertainment venues, and an amusement park inside. It takes more than one day to go from one end to another, and that’s just peeking in to each of the shops. Plan on a few days if you want to visit the Mall.


Now that you know a little about this state and why you might want to consider  visiting here on your next vacation, talk to a travel agent who can help plan your next family excursion. He or she can plan your trip right down to the smallest detail, and once you make that initial trip to Minnesota the chances are very good that you will return time and time again.