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There Can be no High Civility Without a Deep Morality 



Politics is not a gentleman's game and if you want to play, you've got to have thick skin. However, when you call a sitting president "stupid" you've crossed the line. Such was the case in 1992 when a campaign strategist by the name of James Carville coined the phrase "The economy, stupid." That remark quickly evolved into the rallying cry of "It's the economy, stupid." It became the 1992 campaign mantra for then presidential candidate Bill Clinton when he ran against President George H. W. Bush. 

RepublicanCredit: Morguefile.comAlthough the economy was the major issue in 1992, as it is today, it was beyond disrespectful and downright despicable for a presidential candidate to refer to the President of the United States as “stupid." 

It was also extremely disrespectful when certain media outlets and news reporters referred to George W. Bush as stupid. 

Déjà vu 

A recent Gallup poll revealed that Americans today are just as concerned about the economy as they were in 1992. At that time 48% of Americans were worried about not being able to pay their medical bills, compare that to 43% who feel the same way today. In 1992, 36% of Americans worried that their spouse or significant other would lose their job within the next 12 months, and today, 34% worry about the same issue. 

One thing Americans are more concerned about today than they were in 1992 is maintaining a standard of living. In 1992 48% of Americans were worried that they would not be able to maintain their standard of living, today 51% have that same concern. 

It's Still the Economy, Mr. President 

DemocratCredit: Morguefile.comIn June of 1992, the unemployment rate stood at 7.8% and thus presidential candidate Clinton used those numbers to bolster his flippant chant of "It's the economy, stupid." As of Friday, June 1, 2012, the unemployment rate was at 8.2%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But, would anyone use Clinton’s mantra today? I hope not! 

The numbers don't lie, the US economy is a major issue in this election, but will the battle between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney turn into a "free-for-all" and an "anything goes race?" (Some believe it already has.)  



Is Civility Dead 

Politics is a "dirty game" but just how dirty depends on the participants. Many politicians on both sides of the aisle have forgotten the meaning of the word civility. Name-calling, false allegations, and plain old "mudslinging" are par for the course. Unfortunately, for some folks (and media outlets), that's just how they like their politics! 

Political disagreements will always be passionately debated but do these debates have to include vile and disrespectful speech? Ralph Waldo Emerson once said "There can be no high civility without a deep morality." It's the economy, that's all.  

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