I am a person who has steered away from Apple products. However, I am constantly being made aware of iTunes. I know that iTunes is a play to buy music for your iPod, but evidently they sell applications, or apps also. If you already have an Apple device, you probably already know about the app store. For the rest of us, come with me as I explore and learn.

What is iTunes App Store?

A search on the internet obviously turns up the store. It also turns up a Wikipedia entry. I go there first and learn that:

  • The Apple App Store is used to purchase and download applications onto Apple devices. 
  • The applications can be downloaded directly to a target device such as: the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad And Mac. 
  • Or, or downloaded onto a PC or Mac via iTunes. 
  • There are both free apps along applications for purchase. 
  • For purchased apps, 30% of revenues from the store go instantly to Apple, and 70% go to the seller of the app. 
  • The apps are developed with the iOS SDK or Mac SDK. 

The next thing I do is pick the app store from the search results. I am taken to apps for I-Phones.

Well, I guess that is where it all started. Once the iPhone was developed, Apple reconfigured it many ways. They turned it into the iPod touch and iPad.

Then it hit me. I do not own any Apple products. I own a PC. These are Apple apps! Why am I looking around here? 

Can I use Apple Apps on a Windows PC?

Evidently with Apple's MobileMe, you can. This is their plug:

"Imagine running beautifully designed, easy-to-use Apple applications on your PC. With MobileMe, you can check your email, manage your contacts and calendar, share photos, and store documents using a full suite of intuitive and clutter-free web apps accessible at me.com."

There are a couple of things you need. The first is the latest version of iTunes. The second is a paid subscription to mobileme. An individual subscription comes with 20GB of combined email and file storage, 200GB of monthly data transfer, and full access to the resources.


So I can run Apple apps on my PC? Yes, in my browser!

The bottom line is that you are not going to download an app designed for an Apple device and run it on your PC.

Of course, that does not make sense if you think about it. They are two different operating systems.

However, you can run Apple browser apps if you pay to join MobileMe.

I never did make it to the iTunes App store. I would have to load iTunes. Now that I know that there are no apps to run on my PC, that is anothere reason to not download iTunes.