If you are on the lookout for an high quality set of dumbbells then you will need to definitely take a closer look at Ivanko Dumbbells. This fine dumbbell manufacturer has been manufacturing high quality dumbbells for decades now and is one of the most well known and well respected companies in the world of fitness today. If you don't mind paying that little bit extra for quality then theses are the products for you.

Ivanko DumbbellsBut the first thing that you must do is start shopping around the Internet to get yourself the cheapest and best deal that you can. The Internet is a big place and there are hundreds even thousands of websites that sell gym equipment. So were is the best place to start. Well if you are looking for bargains then you need to check out these two websites eBay and amazon.

Let's start off by telling you a little more about eBay, eBay is a bargain shopper's paradise with new auctions appearing almost everyday selling Ivanko dumbbells. The good thing about buying weight training equipment such as dumbbells, is that they are extremely hard wearing and built to last. This means that even if you buy a cheap second hand set of dumbbells off eBay. You are almost guaranteed to find that they are like new.

It is getting more and more harder though, to pick up bargains on home gym equipment at eBay. Simply because it is such a popular pastime and the auctions are becoming saturated with buyers. The best way to pick up the cheapest dumbbells that you can is to look for auctions selling dumbbells that look a little tatty and rusty. I don't know about you but I would rather pay a few hundred dollars less, for a set with slight rusting. I purchased my dumbbell set off eBay and the seller stated in the auction that they had slight rusting. So I put in a ridiculously low bid in and won them. I got a full set with rack that usually costs around $1000 for just under $100.

Amazon is another fantastic site that lists Ivanko dumbbells, what I like most about this site is not only are the prices one of the best out there. But you have the ability to read online customer reviews before you buy the product. It go's without saying that you should only buy products that are getting positive reviews. Having just taken a quick look at amazon, at the time of writing this article they have quite a few different Ivanko dumbbell sets listed on the website. So let's take a closer look at just one of the sets that is listed on the there.

The set that we are going to take a quick look at is the 5-100 lb Ivanko Dumbbell Set. This set is one of the highest quality and finest dumbbell sets on the market today and this is reflected in it's price tag. At the time of writing this article this beauty is going to set you back a little over $5,ooo. The dumbbells have a 30mm black oxide heavy knurled grip for ultimate grip and the weight plates are highly accurate having a tolerance of plus or minus 2%.