Ivory Votive Candles

Benefits Of Ivory Votive Candles:

Originally and still widely used as a religious symbol for prayer, the term votive candle has is now used to describe any small candle with a diameter of 1.5 inches and a height of 2 inches.  Although it’s roots are seeded deep in the Christian faith, ivory votive candles are a used widely in all areas of decor, events, weddings, place settings, and romantic centerpieces.  Because of there sheer simplistic beauty, ivory votive candles are extremely easy to manufacture and therefore are relatively inexpensive compared to other candles.  Because of their cheap price, you’ll often find that you can purchase votive candles in bulk for about the price of a regular piece.  Votive candles can be found in scented and unscented varieties as well as a multitude of colors.

Cheap Votive Candle Ideas:

Ivory votive candles are most commonly placed in holders which are designed to fit the ivory candles perfectly.  Once inside, you can decorate your simple glass holder with a number of different designs.  Most of the materials you need to personalize your ivory votive candle decorations can be found at your local crafts store for under $1 per piece.  

Wedding Favors - One simple gift that can be used as a seat marker at your wedding or event, is a simple ivory votive candle in its holder with your personalized wedding message.  As a keepsake it can be used over and over again by guests in their own home as a reminder of the wonderful time they had at your wedding.  

Ribbon - To decorate your glass holders, simply wrap with ribbon two or three times around the circumference, and tie a decorative bow.  Use multiple colors varied from piece to piece to make each table pop.  

Wire Ribbon - To make your ivory votive candles extra special, use wire ribbon with gold or silver beaded edges.  The contrast of shimmering glass, plush ribbon, and sparkling beads are sure to catch the attention and admiration of anyone who receives it.  

Types Of Ivory Votive Candles:

There are a number of different manufacturers, shades of color, burning time, and scents of candles that you should be aware of before purchasing your candles in bulk.  

Color - Although many manufacturers claim their candles to be ivory in color, the fact is they often lean towards a more yellow color than white.  Be sure to buy a test candle from your manufacturer before buying votive candles in bulk.  

Burn Time - Most votive candles are designed to burn between 10-12 hours.  If you have a traditional event or reception, this should be plenty, just don’t be fooled by cheaper alternatives with faster burn times.  

Scented or Unscented Votive Candles - If you buying an ivory votive candle as a simple decoration for your home, then a scented version may be a nice calming feature.  However, if buying in bulk for events such as a wedding, buy unscented votive candles to avoid overwhelming the senses.