WriterCredit: MorgueFileIf you're building an online business, chances are that you need a constant stream of quality content quickly. But, it's difficult and time consuming to go out an search for writers yourself. Wouldn't it better to sign up for a service that places thousands of quality writers at your fingertips?

Luckily there are companies out there who provide that service. Three of the most popular online content providers are Constant Content (CC), Iwriter and Textbroker. Don't have the time to figure out which one of of these sites will meet your content needs? We've got you covered! Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of each of them.

Constant Content

With Constant Content, writers can submit articles on any topic they choose. This means that their catalogue is filled with thousands of articles on a wide range of subject matter, from pets to automobiles and everything in between.

You have a choice of buying directly from the catalogue or you can request that Constant Content write a specific article based on your requirements. Your request will be sent out to all of the writers who have signed up for email notifications from Constant Content. However, only writers with five or more articles in their catalogue will be able to directly respond to you.

Constant Content- Pros:

Quality Control: The great thing about Constant Content is that they are sticklers for quality writing. They have a team of editors who manually read each article that's submitted. Constant Content editors are notorious for rejecting articles for minor spelling and grammar mistakes. This can be frustrating for writers but it's good news for clients, since it means that the site has high standards and is a good source for quality content.

Articles also go through a plagiarism checker called Ithenticate which allows them to effectively spot and reject articles that are copy and paste jobs.


Price: Articles on Constant Content tend to cost much more than they do at other content providers. Although the company provides guidelines for pricing content, writers can charge as as high or low as they want to for their writing. However, because of the thorough editing process, the quality of writing is higher, so this often justifies the cost of the articles.


Unlike Constant Content, Iwriter's focus is on allowing clients to post jobs for writers to complete. Think of it as an interactive job board for freelance writers.

There are three levels of writers on Iwriter: Standard, Premium and Elite. Writers at the Standard Level are paid the least per article, while writers at the Elite level are paid the most. Prices at the standard level can range from as low as $1.25 for a 150 word article to $14 for a 2,000 word article. At the Elite level writers are paid $40 for a 2,000 word article and $ 4.25 for a 150 word article


Immediate rejections: What's great about Iwriter is that you don't have to ask a writer to revise and article if you're not pleased with it. You can reject the article immediately. It's, however, a good idea to leave a plausible reason for your rejection. Writers can leave reviews for you too and these reviews are visible to all of the writers on the site. If you have bad reviews, authours are less likely to want to write for you. So, it's best to be fair with your rejections.

Access to Elite Writers: Everyone who writes for Iwriter starts off as a Standard writer. To move up the ranks, a writer has to submit high-quality articles consistently. Writers are rated on a 5 point scale by requesters after their articles have been approved or rejected. To move from a standard to an elite writer, you need to have over 30 reviews and an average 4.6 star rating or higher.

So Elite Writers are the best writers on the site. They've been tried and tested by clients just like you. So if you're getting your content written through Iwriter, it's best to submit it to the Elite Writers or Premium writers. You're more likely to get a great piece of unique content.

Favourite lists: If you're happy with a writer, you can add them to your favourite lists and send them special requests. The authours on your favourite lists will get an email notification every time you send a special request. This often means a quicker turnaround time on your articles and a guarantee that they'll be well written.


Low Quality Content? People sometimes complain about the low standard of articles they get from Iwriter. However, more often than not, these people are complaining about articles they've submitted to Standard writers. You get what you pay for on Iwriter. So, if you want great content, submit your request to Premium or Elite Writers.

No team of editors: Authours on Iwriter edit their content themselves. So, there's no middleman to vet the article before it reaches you. They do pass the content through Copyscape to ensure that it isn't plagiarised but this doesn't get rid of any spelling, grammar or stylistic mistakes

Text broker

Textbroker is a lot like Iwriter in that writers are responding to content requests made by clients. Unlike Iwriter, Textbroker writers go through a grading process when they apply to the site and are assigned a level between 2 and 5. This level determines their payment.


Large companies use it too: Sears uses Textbroker's writers to supply content to Sears.com. So, that's a great indication that it's a legitimate company.

SEO Requirements: You can specify how many times you want the writer to use a particular keyword If the writer uses the keyword more than you've specified then the article is rejected. Textbroker does all of this evaluation for you.

Copyright: As a client, you retain full copyright of the content which means you can add your byline to it, if you desire

Unique Articles: Textbroker has a full-time editorial staff. They manually evaluate samples submitted during the writer application process. They submit articles to Copyscape to ensure that the content is not plagiarised. This means that you don't have to spend time checking them yourself.

Favourite Lists: Like Iwriter, you can put a writer on your favourites list and send work directly to them. You can also create writing teams for big projects.


Revision: If you have a problem with an article submitted to you, you cannot reject it immediately. You have to give the author the opportunity to revise it first. If the revision is still not satisfactory, then you can reject it.

Upfront Payments: Like Iwriter, you have to add money to your Textbroker account via your credit card before you start to purchase articles. So, again, it's a good idea to work out your budget beforehand.

Each of these services can add great value to your online business. You can't write all of your blog or website content yourself, so why not let one of these services do it for you. Evaluate the pros and cons and see which one suits your needs.