An increasingly popular pop culture that has grown world-wide, is the J-pop culture. J-pop pretty much means pop culture from Japan and despite this small inland's size its fan base is growing world-wide. Most people on the street draw a blank when asked what J-pop is, but when a fan of this pop culture is asked what it is all about you are promised a long excited, and often one-sided talk about all the amazing things that J-pop is about.

Many of us may have seen the Japanese dancing hologram girl, Hatsune Miku on the internet. While we may not actually know what she is all about, with her bright blue hair and high-pitched voice, those of us who have seen her usually know where she came from.

A couple of other popular items from this J-pop culture are their street fashion. This striking fashion can range from extreme Lolita to the Mori girl. Both of which are styles that would be very strange to see on our American streets.

Then of course we have the Japanese anime and manga. For those of us who don't know what these are, they are the Japanese equivalent of our animated cartoons and comic books. Big deal, you may say but our comics and their Japanese manga, have completely different feels one from the other. This isn't only because of the art style. The greatest difference between the cartoons that we know over here and the anime and manga that the Japanese have, is the depth of character. There is a lot more character development in these cartoons. So much so that even grown adults can enjoy them without feeling like they are watching something too young for them. Some of the more well-known anime and manga that we know of to name a few are Pokémon, Naruto, Death-note and Inu-yasha. Even if you have not heard of the last three we all know, and love the long running show Pokémon, which is still running strong after all these years.

Even with the Japanese economy falling to pieces like the rest of the world, this new and strange taste of J-pop culture is slowly sinking its roots into the culture over here among our younger generation. While this may not be the pop culture that many of us are used to, many of us are starting to find the appeal in this new Asian beat simply because it is so new and different.