Why I've chosen this month to publish my first ever earnings report

I've been a member of InfoBarrel for a little over two months now and I've been constantly inspired by the stories of success and progress reports of other members. Of course my main motivation is a love of writing, but hearing about how this passion can translate into a tangible living for some of the highest earners here on InfoBarrel keeps me motivated to learn and grow.

The forum is a constant force of inspiration too; I have never ventured into the world of online writing before now and I have found this community to be genuinely inclusive, friendly and helpful. It feels like we all want each other to succeed. That is not to say there isn't a certain amount of healthy competition, but I see that as just another motivating force.

My Approach

I write about what I know, but try not to limit myself. I'm an actor and voice over artist with a passion for health and fitness; many of my articles have been related to these areas. However, I also write as I learn. I've been an active member of a creative writing group for a while now and so I've dabbled in articles about techniques I've learned there. Perhaps I'm not an expert on writing fiction just yet, but sometimes it's easier to learn from a novice; I can give my readers value without baffling them with terminology. If I see something on the news that interests me I may well do further research and turn it into an article too. I have also found myself using InfoBarrel's article submission list as a source of ideas for articles.

Over all, I want my articles to fulfil the promise of their titles.

During my first full month on InfoBarrel (May), this was my only goal. I gave very little thought to SEO. I knew nothing about keyword research or backlinking, but began reading a lot on the subject.

In June my output of articles was less partly because I was busier with other work, but mainly because I was concentrating a little more on doing thorough keyword research. It's an area I have never dabbled in before and I have to admit I find it challenging. I still don't feel I have a clear grip on the techniques required to come up with good longtail keywords and I don't find the work particularly interesting. I'm also determined to stick to my original ethos of writing articles that cover subjects that genuinely excite me; I'm finding balancing that with find profitable keywords is tricky.

I've done very little on the backlinking side of things as yet.

I know from reading articles by InfoBarrel's top earners that proper SEO is vital to maximise your profits and I intend to stick with it, but if anyone has any tips on making it more exciting, they'd be gratefully received!

June 2012 InfoBarrel Earnings and Achievements


In June I published 8 articles, which in comparision to the 35 I published in May seems meagre. In May I was working towards getting as much good content as I could on the site. I wasn't exactly churning it out, but I was writing on subjects I already knew lots about, with no attention to real keyword research or SEO and the intention of winning the InfoBarrel monthly competition. I didn't manage to win, but I came a respectable second to alexiafeatherchild.

In June my goal was slightly different; I wanted to write a smaller amount of articles (still on subjects I was knowledgable or passionate about) but apply proper keyword research to them. I invested in the InfoBarrel Success e-book by jcmayer777 and x3xsolxdierx3x and set to work.

Featured Articles

In June I had a total of eight articles featured on the front page of InfoBarrel which I was absolutely thrilled about. I submitted these to InfoBarrel during the previous month in which I had written them. For those of you interested here are links to those eight articles:

3 Games to Play on Long Car Journeys

Writing Fiction: What to Avoid When Writing Characters

40 Money Saving Ideas

The 10 Best Movie to Musical Adaptations

The 3 Best Party Board Games

3 Step Plan for Clearing Credit Card Debt

The 6 Worst Ways to Open a Novel

Running a Marathon: Making it to the Finish Line


To date I've had almost 5,000 views on 51 articles. This is under an average of 100 views per article and shows me I need to concentrate on optimising my existing content for search engine rankings.

My InfoBarrel Earnings

Infobarrel Adsense earnings for June - £11.89 (about $18.64)

I am absolutely over the moon with this. Considering it is only my second full month on InfoBarrel and in May I only earned £2.32 (or $3.64), I am truly inspired to continue learning about the skill of writing for profit online. I'm not quite getting one click every day but almost.

I've yet to earn any money on Chitika or Amazon, but maybe July will be the month?

My Goals for July

I want to continue focusing on the quality of my articles and grow as a writer. Even now as I re-read some of my early efforts I know I can make my future work more engaging.

I intend to make InfoBarrel my main online focus for the month of July, but will certainly research some areas of diversification such as other article submission sites (Seekyt, HubPages and Topic Spotter) and Youtube.

Specifically in July, I would like to:

  1. Earn £20 in Adsense revenue on InfoBarrel
  2. Continue to learn and apply more detailed keyword research to my articles
  3. Start seeking out back links to my articles
  4. Write 20 articles of at least 1,000 words for InfoBarrel
  5. Have at least 3 articles featured on the front page (I can't beat last month's 8 because they were selected from a pool of 35, whereas I only submitted 8 articles in June for admin to choose from)
  6. Re-work 5 of my earlier articles to make them more search engine friendly by applying what I've learnt about keyword research
  7. To reach Wordsmith level 6 (100,000 words written) and Trafficer level 3 (10,000 views on my articles) on InfoBarrel

Thanks for reading and best of luck on your InfoBarrel journey.