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The healthy foodie in me has long wondered about doing a juice cleanse. I've been skeptical in the past, thinking it was another quick fix for people looking to lose weight and make up for bad eating habits.

Like the saying goes, "Don't knock it til you try it", I went ahead and signed up for my first juice cleanse. As a first timer, I went with a 3 day cleanse, as opposed to more popular 5-7 day cleanses. I just wanted to dip my toe in and see what all this juicing fuss was about. If you've ever considered doing a cleanse, you might find a fellow newbies experience helpful. 

Why cleanse? A popular supposed benefit of juicing is to free up energy within the body, since our bodies aren't as focused on breaking down food and digestion during this time. Another reason is weight loss, though most weight lost on a cleanse is water weight. The weight lost will come right back after starting solid foods again. For me, I wanted to see if my stomach pain and skin issues would clear up. Read my experience to see what juicing did for me, and if I would do it again. 

JUS by Julie - My 3 Day Cleanse Experience

Day 1

The juices came a cute green tote, stuffed with ice packs all around the juices. The plan consists of 18 juices, at 6 per day, each numbered in the order of which to drink them.  I chose this particular cleanse because the juices are 'blended', therefore retaining most of the fiber. I'm sure they're poured through some sort of sive, since they were very smooth, and not clumpy at all.

I also really liked the website. Clean, simple and pretty. I was sold.

Price was a huge factor for me. For a first timer, I wasn't looking to spend upwards of $250 for a bag of juices. I even considered making my own, since I own a juicer. After reading reviews of people who actually did make their own juice cleanses, the cost breakdown tends to be very similar as to what you would pay anyways. So, I decided to pay someone else to do it. I actually got lucky, and found a deal for a JUS by Julie Cleanse. (See my recap below for a coupon code) 

Drink 1 (10:30 am): Morning Glory

My juices arrived at 10AM. I normally eat breakfast around 8:30AM, so I was fairly hungry by this time.

I was scared it was going to be a bitter, nasty way to start the day, but it was actually quite sweet. Since I was starving, I basically downed it. I then reached for #2, a spicy lemonade.

Drink 2 (11 am): Spicy Lemonade

I sipped on this one a bit, then saved the rest for later. At first this one was pretty spicy, so I could only take tiny sips, but after awhile it started to grow on me.

Drink 3 (1 pm): Sweet Spin

When it was lunchtime, I grabbed juice #3, another green juice. This one was even sweeter than the first, which was a pleasant surprise. Still hungry, I told myself to wait it out for at least an hour. An hour passed, and I sipped some more on the spicy lemonade. I also drank some coffee, which was okay to drink on this cleanse. (Thank God.) 

Drink 4 (3:30 pm): Chia Berry

This one was quite tart, but delicious. I was thankful for the chia seeds, since they helped to fill my stomach.

Drink 5 (7 pm): Island Coconut 

This was delicious. Thick, creamy and sweet. It was just what I needed to feel satisfied for dinner. 

Drink 6 (7:30 pm): Xtreme Greens

I actually didn't think this tasted too green, which I was afraid of. I kept switching from this and the coconut drink for dinner, since I still had some of that left. 

Day 1 Recap

On this first day, the most notable change was how frequently I went to the bathroom. 96 ounces of juice is no joke. I also felt bloated, but that's  probably due to all the liquid I was drinking, which my body isn't used to. We'll see if this changes over the next couple of days. Overall it wasn't too hard, but I found myself walking into the kitchen for snacks only to remember I was on a cleanse. 

JUS by Julie - My 3 Day Cleanse Experience

Day 2

This morning I woke up feeling clean and lean. I also felt a tad dehydrated, despite drinking a copious amount of liquid on day 1. 

My appetite seemed less, so I waited an hour before having my first juice. I felt satisfied and energized afterwards, and went straight to work. A couple hours later and I hit a huge energy slump. I sipped some coffee, and cracked open my next juice. My energy went up a little, but my body still felt tired. 

 Drink 1 (9 am): Morning Glory

This tasted less sweet than it did yesterday, but I was hungry so it didn't really bother me. I also looked inside my bag of juices, and realized the green juices are the same for each day. Kind of a bummer, but since it's only 3 days, not a huge deal. If someone were to do a longer cleanse, I would think a litte variety would help quite a bit. 

Drink 2 (11 am): Spicy Pome-nade

I was super excited about this one, since I wasn't totally digging the regular lemonade. It had a fruity twist that I really liked. This is another juice I had to sip slowly, which is probably a good thing. 

Drink 3 (1:30 pm): Sweet Spin

Another day, another green drink. I was starved by now, so I drank this in under 5 minutes. 

Drink 4 (2 pm): Acai Berry

So hungry in fact, that I reached straight for number 4, thinking I would be full enough to last until dinner later. This one had a rich feel to it, so I drank it slowly and it filled me right up. 

Drink 5 (8 pm): Choco-nana

This was like drinking a banana split. Pure heaven. It had an unexpected tartness to it, but I loved it. 

Drink 6 (9 pm): Xtreme Greens

Like day 1, I kept switching back and forth between the choco-nana and this. It's nice to end on a sweet note. 

Day 2 Recap

 I woke up feeling amazing, though I did make a few trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I guess 96+ ounces of liquid will do that to a person. I'm realizing that lunchtime is when I get the most hungry. That's probably due to the order of the juices, since the bulk of the calories seem to come later on in the day. Overall, feeling good. I'm already thinking of doing another cleanse soon. 

JUS by Julie - Day 3

Day 3

Drink 1 (8 am): Morning Glory

This juice is losing its glory. 

Drink 2 (9 am): Spicy Lemonade

I've really grown to love this. I'm thinking of making my own soon. 

Drink 3 (1 pm): Sweet Spin

This is by far my favorite of the green juices. Surprisingly, I'm still not sick of it. 

Drink 4 (3 pm): Chia Berry

I'm not the biggest fan of drinking chia seeds, but this juice does fill me up, which I've appreciated at this time of day on the cleanse. 

Drink 5 (7 pm): Not So Chunky

Yum. It's the juicers equivalent to a milkshake. It's amazing how our tastebuds adapt so quickly and even the most basic of things seem rich and decadant. 

Drink 6 (8 pm): Xtreme Greens

I'm starting to like this one more and more. I thought I would get tired of having the same green drinks each day, but it wasn't the case at all. 

3 Day JUS by Julie Cleanse Recap

(I'm writing this recap a week after my cleanse ended since I wanted to see how long the effects of the cleanse lasted.)

Overall, I was really happy with how the cleanse made me feel. My stomach felt AMAZING, and that's coming from someone who suffers from a constant bloated angry tummy. It's helped me realize I need to get tested for food sensitivities. 

In the span of 3 days, my skin managed to clear up by 50%. A week has passed, and although I've eaten some less than ideal foods, my skin is still holding up. Hurray! 

And although I didn't do this cleanse for weight loss, I did manage to lose 2 pounds. For a 3 day cleanse, that's not bad at all!

Would I do it again? Yes! I surprised myself on this one. I expected to feel like death the entire time, and it was the exact opposite. That might have been the case if it were 'pure' juice, rather 'blended' juice. Blended all the way! If you're interested in trying a cleanse for yourself, save 15% by using code JUS4FRIENDS at checkout. 

For my next cleanse, I'm thinking about doing the Cleanse Til Dinner, which is basically drinking juice until dinner time for 5 days. 

 Have you tried a juice cleanse before? How was your experience?


JUS by Julie - My 3 Day Cleanse Review
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