Recently, JVC Home Theater announced the release of a new home theater system with a feature unique in the industry. While many home theater receivers have ports for MP3 players, iPods, and even USB drives, the new JVC Sophisti DD-3 has an Ethernet connection.

This Ethernet port allows the system to be hooked into your home’s computer network, or to a single computer. You can connect it to a wired or wireless router.

An Ethernet-connected home theater system is an exciting feature. Using your television, you can access your complete digital music collection, so there is no need to hook a stereo system into the receiver.

In addition, you can pull up digital photos and other picture files, creating an on-screen photo album or scrapbook. What a great way to look through the family photos together. Slide shows and digital home movies are easily viewed as well, when it’s just a matter of hooking up to your home computer.

Of course, the Sophisti DD-3 also has a USB port, allowing users to connect their USB drives, digital cameras, and digital camcorders directly into the system. Music can be played back through the system’s speakers, and photos and videos are viewed right on your television screen.

Use the two features in tandem…run music from your computer in the background while you’re looking through photos that are stored on your camera or a flash drive. This new JVC home theater system has the same features as most other home theaters, including a DVD player and receiver, and a subwoofer.

The system power is 220 watts. The system’s surround sound is created with specialized front speakers. Using their patented Direct Drive technology, all listeners enjoy a wide soundfield with the illusion of having speakers placed directly behind them.

The main left and right speakers are attractive and meant for table-top placement. The Sophisti DD-3, JVC home theater’s exciting new system, offers a feature that no one else has offered before in home theater. The ability to hook a home theater up to the home’s computer network creates endless possibilities for visual and audio entertainment.