If you're on the lookout for a newer, better and feature rich stereo head unit for your beloved car then look no further than the JVC KW-XR810 CD/MP3 receiver. It's a wonderful product that offers tonnes of value for money for users, especially when compared to the higher end models that are currently in the market.

It has an excellent array of features such as the ability to play WMA, WAV and MP3 files directly from a USB enabled device. This means that if your MP3 player supports USB connectivity, you can listen to your whole library via the head unit, which is an excellent addition for music lover. Not only that but you can even store your music on a USB memory stick and connect it to the unit, just like with the previous method mentioned. 

An addition to its feature set is its ability to have up to two illumination colours for the unit and you can choose from a whopping 30,000 different colours, so you're almost guaranteed to find a colour that fits in with your dashboard illuminations - this means there's no need to sacrifice style for functionality like with many other car stereo's.

Another great feature is the Bluetooth connectivity that lets you connect up to two different mobile phones to the unit at any given time. This gives you the ability to accept and make telephone calls whilst on the go and doing so in a legal manner; also meaning that you're not endangering peoples lives in the process. 

If you receive a call whilst listening to music your music will be muted and your phone will ring through the head unit. Simply tap a button on the touchscreen display and you will be instantly connected to your caller. The JVC KW-XR810 comes with a microphone which you can place anywhere in your car - obviously the closer to the front of the car the better.

The Bluetooth connectivity is also especially great if you have two phones, one for work and one as a personal phone. This means you can accept calls from the two phones with the utmost ease, really good for businessmen or businesswomen.

I'm personally a fan of the style of the head unit too, as it looks absolutely beautiful whilst also retaining a somewhat stock look and feel to it. Another advantage of the unit is its durability - it feels solid and not flimsy like many other units i've owned over the years. 

One problem i do have though is the front of the unit has a plastic-like covering which can collect a lot of dust over time. This won't be a problem for people who often clean their cars like myself - simply wipe over with a cloth ever week or two and you're golden.

All in all, the JVC KW-XR810 is a wonderful product and should be your first port of call if you're in the market for a new double-din car stereo unit.