You're probably familiar with tri-fold, bi-fold, and billfold wallets. But one wonders what J Fold wallets are especially if you are not living in the USA or Europe.  J Fold wallets are not in the shape of the letter J or anything like that. They are your regular (only in terms of types) bi-fold or tri-fold and other types of wallets made by a well established company called J Fold out of New York City ( and you thought New York is only famous for statue of Liberty!). The company specializes in making only men’s wide selection of design-intensive fashion accessories ranging from wallets, handbags, laptop bags to belts which fuse style with practicality.

Gone are the days when men liked to get dressed in a simple uniform and use the same bags and wallets day in and out for work and for the weekends. In the world of wallets and card cases there are a few labels that stand out from the rest. J Fold is one of them. J Fold re-invigorates men’s accessories to offer the aesthetically trained, contemporary man a versatile, yet stylish, range of products to use on a daily basis. They have been churning out amazing pieces for a long time and even trademarked the term “Sportswallet. J Fold wallets come in heaps of high energy styles and designs inspired by industrial design, vintage sports cars, and classic sneakers. J Fold wallets and other products are made with 100% top grain leathers, coated cotton canvases and heavy duty brass hardware. They are available in any color or style you could possibly imagine and are known for their interesting exterior patterns. The design and functionality stays simple without any cheap inserts or unnecessary bulk. Combining different finishing techniques such as laser etching, 4-color printing and traditional leather working techniques (embossing and perforating), J Fold creates a premium, lasting, product like no other.

J Fold incorporates a serious focus on fashion accessories but retains a light-hearted theme in all of its products. The brand uses popular culture combined with historical design elements to create a line that has been widely successful with the urban, sophisticated male. J Fold differentiates itself by exclusively focusing on men's accessories, and pours all of its creative energy into keeping it fresh and original. It has one of the broadest collections of men’s wallets in the world. The J Fold wallets are individually packaged in sleek metal cases, already collector’s items overseas and make perfect gift for your Dad, brother, or boyfriend on any occasion.

J Fold wallets, bags, belts, and laptop cases  are consistently featured in top men's fashion magazines like GQ, FHM and InStyle just to name a few and are available in top men's stores and boutiques worldwide both online and offline. Already a favorite amongst celebrities, seen sported by Justin Timberlake, Seth Rogan and Snoop Dogg et al, J Fold wallets are quickly rising to the top of all wallets for fashionable men. Starting at $67 the J Fold isn’t the cheapest wallet you will find. But it certainly is one of the best values in terms of quality, comfort, style and design. This wallet is built to last and makes a statement every time you pull out the wallet.