These days people list multiple ways to contact them - landline, mobile and soft phone via the internet. Although multiple ways to keep in touch are good, often it is tiresome to attend to a different device every time there is a call. This can be extremely frustrating in a work environment and especially for those who spend long hours on the phone. Now all that is past, thanks to Jabra Pro 9470 1.9G Trilink Sys Trilink Pcusb Phone Mobile which has the multi-use technology and all calls will come to the same headset. It also has a noise blackout system which helps in eliminating all background noise. 

The product dimensions are 9.3 x 7.6 x 3.6 inches and weighs just 1.8 pounds. It is rated very highly by customers on clarity of sound and versatility. As per the reviews given by actual users, the Jabra Pro 9470 1.9G Trilink Sys Trilink Pcusb Phone Mobile is an extremely versatile device because the user can switch seamlessly between his or her deskphone, computer and mobile. On receiving a call on the deskphone, all the user has to do is lift the handset off the hook and the Jabra headset comes into play. It is the same procedure for a call received on their iPhone or mobile. The iPhone has to be removed from the charging base and the Jabra headset again takes over. 


Jabra Pro 9470 1.9G Trilink Sys Trilink Pcusb Phone Mobile Review

Even though the device comes only with a PC software, it works equally well on the Mac also. There are no "Windows only" warnings on the product and the Mac just recognizes it as a USB headset. Mac users can go to System Preferences > Audio Control panel and select it for the computer speaker and / or the microphone. The iPhone can be connected to the Jabra device through Bluetooth and the deskphone is connected by plugging the handset cord into the back of the Jabra device. 

Another feature that is excellent is the variety in the ear-piece options - overhead, behind the head and over the ear attachments. Besides, the battery life and sound quality are also excellent. The earpiece speaker has good volume range control and the microphone is also very good. The setting up of the microphone can be done by calling a friend and having them tell you how it sounds while you are making adjusting the microphone settings. 

Some of the cons of this device is that users tend to get some feedback if the listening volume is turned up too high. The background hiss is not too much of a problem but it is noticeable and slightly distracting during the pauses in the conversation. Other cons include slight problems with the mute button. The volume and the mute settings are controlled by the sensitive part of the earpiece and it has to be activated by double-tapping on the center of that strip. It was difficult to find the spot accurately and often it may happen that the user inadvertently activates the mute settings which would be pretty frustrating. Despite this problems, the actual users recommend the Jabra Pro 9470 as the most advanced and comfortable device out there. At the time of writing this article, the Jabra Pro 9470 1.9G Trilink Sys Trilink Pcusb Phone Mobile was priced at $235.48 on Amazon.