Pumpkin Patch

There's no need to go to the pumpkin patch to
find the perfect drink for your Halloween party,
just make this Jack-O'-Lantern Punch instead.
It is a fruity, spicy, fun and fizzy brew.

1-can (12 ounces) frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed
1-can (12 ounces) frozen pineapple juice concentrate, thawed
2-cups water
1-package orange flavored Kool-Aid, unsweetened
2-teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
4- 12 ounce cans or bottles 7-Up

Step 1...In a 1-1/2 quart container, combine the juice concentrates, water
pumpkin pie spice and Kool-Aid, whisk until well blended.
Cover and chill.

Step 2...When you are ready to serve the Jack-O'-Lantern Punch,
pour the contents of the quart container into a large punch bowl or
any 1-gallon container.
Add the 4 cans of 7-Up, stir and serve immediately.

Jack-O'-Lantern Punch

Makes about 11 cups of punch.