To add instant character to any living space, furniture made from authentic Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels is a unique choice that will be a guaranteed conversation piece when your friends and family come over for a visit. With a wide variety of furniture styles available, you can find a piece that will look good in any room.

Using Whiskey Barrels

Used whiskey barrels are often used to make high quality furniture due to the fact that they are constructed of 1-inch thick solid white oak hardwood staves that were cut and shaped to last a long time. These large barrels give Jack Daniel’s whiskey the perfect hint of oak flavor desired in each batch of whiskey, but that flavor only last so long, and the barrels are eventually rotated for new stock.

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Once the authentic whiskey barrels have been retired from the distillery, they are still in superb shape for home brewers or for woodworkers looking for quality white oak. By recycling the wood from the barrels, furniture makers get a very high quality wood while helping out the environment at the same time.

Whiskey barrels have a character similar to wine barrels, but Jack Daniel’s barrels may have anywhere from a slight to moderate brown stain on the staves, where red wine leaves a burgundy stain and white wine leaves no noticeable stain. This color modulation is what helps to give the barrels their character, and the addition of an authentic Jack Daniel’s brand on the side only adds to that.

Types of Jack Daniel’s Furniture

Many types of furniture are made from the vintage oak and steel hoops that come from repurposed wood from barrels. You can find everything from tables and chairs to display cabinets, garden planters, coat racks, or even full bars. Even better, these wooden creations fit all settings from classically simple to modern contemporary.

Rustic pieces fit in perfectly to a casual room, cabin or man cave setting. These works typically use little additional finish and tend to show of the original barrels as much as possible. Solid wood tables and chairs or whiskey barrel coffee tables or end tables work well for these spaces when finished with a simple hardwood top. The barrels also make very convincing bar stools, and will hold up a heavy bar countertop with ease since they are built so well.

For a more refined look, the barrels are finished in warm stain tones to make classy tables and chairs that would be fitting any even a modern space. Additional comforts like leather seating on chairs and stools or glass tops on tables is often added to refine the look further. Often the individual staves are separated from each other and used as the lumber in more unusual designs to give these furniture choices a more custom-built look.

Heavy Duty Furniture

Barrels branded from the Jack Daniel’s distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee are heavy duty and will serve as sturdy furniture for years to come. The hardwood oak used to make them is timeless and cut thick to hold up to the elements. Whiskey barrel furniture crafted by hand is very likely to become heirloom furniture that will be passed down from one generation to the next.

Jack Daniel’s branded barrels are a unique building material for furniture, and because they all have a slightly different past and whiskey stain, no two are exactly alike. That means that furniture built from them will never look mass produced. These blemishes and color modulations are what makes the finished products really stand out. If you’re looking for something built to last but one of a kind, consider adding a Jack Daniel’s barrel furniture piece to your space.