1) I find the juicer is very sturdy when assembled and holds steady while you juice.

2) The juicer operates very quietly, some other juicer can be considerably more noisy. So I attest to the website claim that the power juicer really is "whisper quiet".

3) The juicer has a good sized shoot. Many fruits and vegetables can fit in the chute whole or by simply cutting in half.

4) The juicer comes with a handy pulp collector that fits at the back of the juicer. The pulp can be used for all sorts of things depending on what you juice. If I Juice carrots, I use the pulp for soups or for our homemade turkey burgers. Tomato pulp can also be used for soups and for dips and salsa.

5) Reliability. I use the juicer regularly and it is holding up without any problems.


1) The plastic gets stained, especially from orange colored produce like carrots and oranges. If you wash the juicer immediately after using it you can minimize this, but not totally eliminate it. However, you can buy individual parts if you need to change them down the line.

2) For this particular model "the power juicer classic" the spout is static and will keep dripping juice once you remove the cup or glass, which can get annoying. Fortunately, the slightly more expensive models have improved on this, by allowing you to lift the spout upwards.

3) I find that some of the harder based produce can require more pressure to get them through than is claimed in the instructions. The instructions state that you just need to apply slight pressure for everything, which for the most part is true. However, harder vegetables such as carrots can get a little stuck at the bottom and will then require some extra oomph, but nothing unmanageable.

Full Review

Most of us at some time or another have seen the power juicer infomercial presented by Jack LaLanne - the American godfather of health and fitness. Jack puts his money where his mouth is. At 95 years old, he is looking great, even works out 2 hours everyday! One and half hours lifting weights and 30 minutes swimming. He truly is a testament to eating healthy, exercising and nutrition.

In the infomercial he explains how juicing is a fundamental part of his healthy eating habits and well being and how he has helped develop his brand of power juicers that help extract a lot more juice from fruits and vegetables than other juicers. The power juicer website claims their juicers extract "up to 30% more juice than other juicers".

I have owned a Jack LaLanne power juicer classic for one year now and here is my review...

In Closing

On the whole I think the power juicer classic is a great juicer and I am very happy with it. I don't think you will get a better juicer for the $100 value, and you might even find it cheaper if you shop around. When I invest in my next juicer, I will probably go for one of the more expensive models with the drip free spout!