There are many benefits to incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily life. Jack LaLanne himself discovered that juicing is highly important because you can get all of those healthful nutrients immediately and at their highest levels before ingredients are cooked and processed. Jack embarked on a journey to create an appliance that is compact, effective, and affordable enough so that most consumers could also discover the same benefits. It didn't take long for Jack's company to create such an appliance. Today the company carries various models including the famous Jack LaLanne Juicer Express.

The Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express model is popular because it is definitely effective and even more importantly, affordable to the average consumer. All of the juicer models are similar in size and power. They do vary slightly in appearance and function. The Juicer Express is especially attractive to consumers because of the pricing. At around $100 you can own a juicer that is powerful, easy to use and clean, and most importantly, highly effective at extracting the wonderful juices of fresh fruits and vegetables. The Express is a compact all white appliance that is designed to fit just about any kitchen décor. The size was specifically calculated to fit into standard cupboards and shelving so the appliance can be put away and accessed easily when needed.

Cleaning a juicer is probably the most important part of being a daily juicer and of ensuring that your power juicer will last a very long time. Jack's power juicers are specifically designed to be easy to disassemble and clean. All of the removable parts of Jack's juicing machines are easy to take apart and dishwasher safe. This is especially convenient for folks that don't have much time but do want to reap the benefits of juicing. If you don't own a dishwasher, simple soap and water work just as well and should always be followed by ample time air drying before the parts are returned to the machine. The key to successful juicing is having a good working machine so cleaning and maintaining your juicer is highly recommended.

JLPJEJack thought of everything when he introduced his juicers to the world. The Jack LaLanne Juicer Express has a non-drip spout which prevents juice from spilling after you have already finished juicing. The blades are made of surgical quality steel so they last longer than other juicing blades and should your blades become dull with years of use, you can easily purchase and replace the blades without any interruption to your juicing regime. All other parts are also available for purchase should an accident happen causing a break or crack to other components. The motor is backed by a lifetime warranty so getting a new is hassle free and at no cost to you. If you happen to purchase a used Jack juicer, you can log onto his website to see if there are any parts missing or if you can add any additional tools that may be beneficiary to your juicing experience.

There are various juicing recipe books and cookbooks on the market today. Jack himself has created a few with some of his favorite and most helpful hints included. The internet is another great place to discover many new juicing recipes and great tips on juicing, cleaning, and maintaining the quality of you power juicer appliances. Recipes vary from delicious beverages to complete meals created with the wonderful juice and pulp of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Discover the goodness of eating and drinking mostly fresh ingredients and watch how the added nutrition can change your life. Energy levels and well being can only improve with the added nutrients in fresh items. You can also reduce the amount of sugar, fat, and additives like food coloring and preservatives you are putting in your body daily. The benefits are numerous and juicing is a fast and convenient way to tap into all of that great natural goodness.