Jacob Rothschild, Fourth Baron Rothschild, International Gangster
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Unimaginable wealth

When it comes to persons with so much wealth no official numbers can possibly be presented for it all, Jacob Rothschild must be included on the short list.  The list is mostly populated by persons with the same surname as him, and then just a few others.  When a man has so much wealth as does Jacob Rothschild, the man has more responsibilities than the likes of you or I would ever be able to fathom.  Responsibilities such as massive amounts of starving persons you've callously decided don't matter enough for you to do anything about.  It's a lot of responsibility Jacob has.

Some estimates for the total wealth accumulated and hoarded by the Rothschild family reach five hundred trillion dollars which is approximately half the wealth in the world.  We should be thankful to men like Jacob and his cousin Evelyn de Rothschild for leaving the rest of us, some seven billion persons, at least half the wealth in the world to divide poorly up among ourselves.  I'm thankful for what I've got, and that's the absolute truth. Isn't it fitting that Jacob Rothschild is so often referred to as LORD Jacob Rothschild?  I think so, the men in his family certainly believe themselves to be gods, and so they wish to be called "lord."

While it is true the world is awash in crazy Jewish conspiracy theories.  It's also true the family Rothschild is to blame for almost all of it.  Anti-Semitism is, to a degree,  a product of the hoarding of wealth and the manipulations of nations for more wealth, power, and control which is the standard protocol of most every day in the life of a man like Jacob Rothschild.

Jacob Rothschild - More power and influence than any politician

Jacob Rothschild Zionism
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Nobody knows just how much wealth Jacob Rothschild has

It's said that the love of money is the root of all evil, and that is surely true for what it represents, and that is an unquenchable thirst for more, more, and then more.  When you spend your life chasing dollars you're playing right into the game a man like Jacob Rothschild holds all the winning cards to.  You can not win, Jacob and his family have already one that game, and you may as well just give up now while you've not given the Rothschild family your very soul too.

It's humorous in a black humor sort of way the values these people of the Earth hold dear.  While it is common for society to look downward on the common alcoholic, cocaine addict, or other sort of addict, the man or woman addicted to the gaining of and hoarding of wealth is the same sort of addict, yet the wealth addict is looked up to.  Who's more harmful to the world though, is it the person lost in chemical delusion, or is it the person who's every effort is towards forever gaining more wealth and power?

People love to scoff at the claims in the land of blogs concerning the Rothschild family wealth and the outrageous totals of 500 trillion and more dollars.  It's all quite hilarious, as you see, the Rothschild family owns Reuters, the Associated Press[1], and now controls the BBC as well.  You see, it wouldn't be advantageous for them to put out truthful information about themselves, or about the exact reasons why they use their global banking influence and stupendous wealth to do this or that. 

If you enter the terms "Rothschild conspiracy" into Google's search engine as I just did, you will get about two million three hundred and sixty thousand results[2]. What does this tell you?  These things are not all "conspiracy theories."  It would be ludicrous to suggest that people dedicate that much time and effort into denigrating this ONE family.  You can be certain a lot of the pages out of 2,360,000 are ridiculous nonsense.  I'm willing to bet nearly every page, however, says something truthful which isn't available in any sort of official documents.

You may wonder why it is I have such a low opinion of a man such as Jacob.  Well get to that in the way of facts, and be certain that when a man such as Mr. Jacob Rothschild has as much wealth as he has, his every decision causes masses of human misery we can't even begin to comprehend.  No man was ever meant to control so much of the world's wealth as these Rothschild's do, and no small amount of human misery can be dismissed from the man's doings in some way or another.

Jacob Rothschild

"Lord" Jacob Rothschild
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Born to be an international banker

Born on the twenty ninth day of April in the year of our Lord 1936 into the world's most prominent and wealthy family of bankers to father Victor Rothschild and mother Barbara Judith Rothschild, our Jacob never had a chance at seeing what the lives of the less successful and less vampiristic persons of the world was and is like.  You could say he was destined to forever suffer from the delusions of the obscenely wealthy. Only the prissiest sorts of schools are tolerable or acceptable to a man like Jacob, and so he Eton College and later, Oxford.

From 1963 to 1980 our Jacob did what he was expected to do, and worked for his family's international banking house, N.M. Rothschild & Sons. What was inevitable was that at some point or another the Rothschild fathers would die and either Jacob or his cousin Evelyn would become the head honcho of the world's most wealthy banking dynasty, and as it turned out, the position would pass to Evelyn and not Jacob.  It must have been horrible for Jacob to have gone from contending for the world's most prestigious position to being second most powerful man in the world's most powerful family.  Very sad, I'd imagine his life has been one big trauma since then.  Poor poor Jacob!

 That being a banker at all is a disgraceful thing should be obvious to everyone.  Banks do not produce anything, what they do is lend money at exorbitant interests towards their own benefit, and in the cases of fractional reserve banking, they create make believe money[3] in their very real systems, and the most foolish persons on Earth go along with this wretched system and then clamour to have some president or another bail out the banks with their hard earned tax dollars because the banks who bankroll the governments insist they need a handout as if creating fake wealth and breaking dreams with usury weren't enough for them already.

 The year of 1989 was another bad year for our poor Jacob Rothschild.  He'd tried to acquire the British American Tobacco company.  He lost out.  Poor Jacob!  He was only trying to own a company in one of the most profitable and toxic to humanity industries in the history of mankind!  He'd came so close, and yet lost another major bid to become more hideously and grotesquely vile as a man could ever possibly be. As it is, our Jacob Rothschild is still as disgusting a human being as he can be, today he heads Rothschild Investment Trusts, which is now called RIT Capital Partners.

Jacob Rothschild (second from right) Honored by others Of His Super Wealthy Ilk At The Royal Oak Foundation

The Royal Oak Foundation Honors Lord Jacob Rothschild
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We the people of the Earth shouldn't forever be so condescending to a man born with a diamond encrusted spoon in his mouth such as Jacob Rothschild.  Jacob does wonderful things for other super rich elite royalty types as himself, and don't forget it either.  He contributes to the preservation of history[4], and surely one would be daft to imagine that preserved history does anything in the way of telling the truth of the family Rothschild.  

Before receiving the much deserved honors from a group of persons in the super elite of banking and the royal families of oppressed nations at the Royal Oak Foundation, our Jacob was kind enough to treat his super elite guests to slide show pictures of his too small abode, Waddesdon Manor, and its renovation.  How delighted they must have been to have a man with even more wealth and even more human misery on his tab than they to show them all his home!  I'll bet they all swooned in the wake of tsunami Jacob!

Waddesdon Manor - One Of Jacob Rothschild's Many Humble Homes

Waddesdon Mannor
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Jacob Rothschild and some international crime - but Jacob is too wealthy to face charges for anything

Besides the vicious and sadistic hoarding of wealth which Jacob and all other Rothschild family members hold as a family trait, and indeed, a family virtue in the face of human suffering everywhere; there is also the matter of Jacob's rather plain criminal activity.  Oh the Rothschild family long ago recognized that should they control the world's currency, and they do, that laws were just small matters; our Jacob is such a prolific Rothschild that he still manages to violate many of the laws of nations in which his family controls the lawmakers.  It's hard to get a thrill these days when your net worth is in the trillions.  Isn't that sad?

In 2003 our Jacob the trickster was exposed as having some dirty dealings on the far side of the law in regards to Russian oil.  I want you to, if you can, imagine how difficult it is for Jacob to even break a law when his very family controls almost every nation's central bank.  It's a real challenge to do the things Jacob does, do not doubt this.  When Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a small goy fish only worth fifteen billion, was arrested, it became known that all Mikhail's shares in Yukos oil company went straight to Jacob Rothschild, I'd guess Jacob needed some interior decorating or something done, it's not for we the lesser inhabitants of Earth to judge god-like persons such as Jacob Rothschild.  Jacob's other oil interests lay in exploiting Palestinians in the Golan Heights area with his holdings in Genie Energy[5], a subsidiary of IDT corporation.

St. James Palace - Headquarters For Jacob Rothschild

St. James Palace
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Our Jacob Rothschild is a popular man on the set of international banking and various prestigious national governments and their heads of state.  One can imagine him having lots to say about exactly what the big shots of the Western industrialized world ought to be doing for him and his banking family.  Mere suggestions, are all he doles out, oh, and vacations to his many villas and resorts.  It's not much, but Jacob aims to please those who are free to do exactly what he tells them.  He's also close friends with a man of wealth and taste, pleased to meet you, Henry Kissinger, we're glad you've provided our Jacob Rothschild such a valued and close friendship!

Other friends of Jacobs include such obedient luminaries as Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Francois Mitterrand, Bill Clinton, James Wolfensohn, and let us not forget Warren Buffet and son of a nazi, Arnold Schwarzenegger!  The wikipedia page for Jacob Rothschild[6] is a sterling example of objectivity!  It list our Jacob as a master philanthropist, he donates huge amounts of time and money to multi million dollar art museums, because if they can't get cake, let them eat art! If you look there, on wikipedia, at the long list of wonderful awards the super rich underlings have so kindly gifted their wealthier friend Jacob Rothschild, the humanity of it all, the love and kindness of all these people, it's almost too much!  Let us all get on our knees and humbly beg our "lord" Jacob Rothschild for not causing us to be taxed yet for the air that we breath!  ALL HAIL JACOB ROTHSCHILD THE FOURTH BARON ROTHSCHILD!

Scumbag Jacob Rothschild - One of the LEAST Honorable Men On Earth!