A few people are under the mistaken belief that it is impossible to jailbreak 3GS phones, but this is not true. What follows is an uncomplicated step by step instructional guide to hack and jailbreak these types of iPhones. Once you get your paws on the requisite software utilities you can often get through this in roughly 20 or 30 minutes.

1. Before you break your mobilephone it is necessary for you to jailbreak it and this calls for the genuine Apple IPSW. Hook the iPhone to it's plug and then click the restore key. It will ask you if you consent to back-up the mobile device and then you will start downloading the app that restores it. As soon as the device displays the download notification pop-up come up on the left portion of the LCD, unplug the device. You do not actually want to do the restore; you only need to download the IPSW file.

2. When the download completes, open up redsn0w and follow that up by clicking on the key that says "browse". If you are doing the download from iTunes, you need to choose the file named iPhone2, 1_3.0 7A1 – that is found in the phones' library under the folder for iPhone Application Downloads; under sub-account that says user.

3. When you select "ok" and then choosing button that says "next", you should go to the kernal where you will begin the process of assembling the hacked firmware utilized to unlock the device. After the loading process you will be queried as to what selections you desire to set up. Click the check box on the Icy and Cydia boxes and select "next" to permit the redsn0w utility to complete the process of constructing the firmware.

4. After the firmware is assembled, redsn0w will without delay put your mobile unit into the DFU mode. Be cognizant that 3GS iPhones carry diverse processes regarding DFU mode compared to older models of. Carefully observe the procedure to unplug, power off and plug in the device. Depress the button that says "home" until the iTunes logo appears. The app can start the process of jailbreaking.

5. As soon as the jailbreak process is finished, connect to Wireless and then load the Icy application. You may have to wait for the sources for tapping. After the looking at sources finishes, then push the key that says "edit" at the top left section of the screen and next hit the plus key at the bottom left corner. Next, click the Add button to input: http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com inside the source part. Click the larger add key so as to finish this section of the procedure. Choose the refresh button on center-left to verify the source code.

6. During the time that you are in the tag for the Icy app, you ought to go downwards and hit the key that says "Utilities". Make sure that you choose "Utilities", not "Utility". In the diection of the end of this utilities screen you should be able to locate "ultrasn0w". Push that and then Click "Install". After this finishes, your jailbreak 3GS is finished - simply restart the unit and you are all set!