Not too long ago, someone asked me something interesting. He stated "Aren't all jailbreak software sites scams?". He stated that places online had explained to him that applications to hack your phone didn't even exist in reality, and the only way to really break was to hire a rogue geek.

This week, I will be I wanted to address that issue today.

The Reasons That You Ought To Feel Secure Buying Jailbreaking Applications

I've been blogging about this topic the past years since iDevices came out, I have investigated numerous web pages that offer software to help you unlock your iGadget. I have not find a single one that turned out to be a scam.

Look at it this way: Only the highest level of crackers can figure out how to jailbreak a iPhone/iPad/iPod by hand, without having any specialized applications. [Hacking an cell phone on your own implies digging through tens of millions of lines of code. Normally, cartels of elite apps developers slave away for ages in their secret laboratory on putting together a crack for every version of iOS that is made available from Apple. Without instructions, it could take a regular individual a lifetime; Even if you had instructions, you're staring down a month's worth of work. Tens of millions of people have cracked their iPhone/iPad/iPods as of this year. Do you really think that each of them all had the technical acumen (and the drive) to spend weeks upon weeks hacking lines of arcane code, deep within their iDevice iOS, to hack their cell phone? Are they all elite wizards?

Or do you think that it's more likely that they are buying jailbreak software and hacking their cell phone in an automated fashion?

And if they are doing it automatically, then have you ever wondered where they're obtaining the jailbreaking software? Does it just magically appear on their computer? Or do you think that it's more likely that they're buying it from a website? If all websites vending applications to crack your mobile device were cons, then not one single person would own a jailbreakon iGadget except for a handful of elite geeks.

Ok - 2nd point that I'd like to make: Every single vendor that sells applications for unlocking is willing to accept Paypal. Paypal exists to protect you from con artists. When you pay for services or goods online with Paypal, and the merchant takes the money you gave them or sends you merchandise or software that does not meet your requirements, then you can get a refund via Paypal very easily – no questions asked. If these jailbreak businesses were stealing people's money, then everyone whom they defrauded would be obtaining refunds, and the webpages would not make any coin. So, as this illustrates, they have no reason to con their clients.

Does that make sense? Do you understand now the reasons that ninety-nine percent of all iDevice jailbreak software sites are completely honest? It would not make financial sense for them to defraud their customers – they would not make any coin!