A Look at Echo Bedding's Signature Collection

Echo Bedding is a stunning new manufacturer set on lighting up bedrooms with a mixture of style and comfort. Their latest addition is the Jaipur line, which brings patterns from India to the West. Although products under this label are extensive, the real charm lays in Echo's latest comforters. You'll never have to worry about balancing bland traditions to achieve softness in comforters again.

The Complete Jaipur Comforter Set

Echo's flagship product is the full Jaipur Comforter set. This draws in the vibrant color scheme that inspired the collection, and applies it to a luxurious comforter, bedskirt, and shams. The bright, airy designs are particularly appropriate for spring and summer. Exotic reds, yellows, and light blues combine to produce an artistic breeze that's sure to encourage pleasant dreams and sound rest.

The complete comforter set is made from hand sewn cotton. This makes it very easy to clean, and the cotton fabric is fantastic for letting the body breathe without feeling suffocated. Comforters are normally made to warm, and the Jaipur set does this too. However, unlike other comforters, it doesn't swelter or weight you down while you're basking in a dreamy glow under its gorgeously rendered patterns.

The Jaipur Duvet Cover

If you're not confident enough to reach for the complete comforter set, Echo's duvet cover is also a suitable way to break into the Jaipur line. Like the comforter set, this duvet cover is made entirely from cotton. Its standard size is 72 by 90 inches, and it comes in variations made for twin, queen, and king sized beds.

The flexibility that comes with this signature Echo product is enormous. With a little creativity, it can fit nicely in any room that's set on promoting a light, welcoming atmosphere. The duvet cover is a solid addition to guest bedrooms, or your own master suite.

Jaipur Accessories

Beyond the comforter and duvet covers, Echo Bedding has extended their notable collection to accessories like pillows and curtains. All are fairly handsome additions too. For instance, the Euro sham adds to the ensemble begun by Jaipur's bedding essentials. This yellow cloth recalls the wonders of Indian palaces, lush with the smell of incense and fine linens. The polyester fill pillow is all the more extravagant. This red marshmallow carries a floral design poised between Eastern abstraction and beauty.

Echo Bedding's Jaipur collection is a worthwhile addition to any home, especially in warm months when the wind filters in through an open window with rays of light. However, even in the depths of winter, these lush comforters, covers, and accessories bring visual warmth that's great for keeping icy temperatures and moods from invading your sacred resting places.