James Bond Villain BlofeldA James Bond villain fancy dress party is pretty easy to accomplish. All you have to do is factor in the venue, the amount of people, inject decent quantities of Martini, shaken not stirred and with luck you'll have a rocking party in no time!

Things You Will Need

Most people seem to struggle with deciding on which villain, which era and so forth but it really is easier than most would think. James Bond villains all had one thing in common – they were mean, generally quite unattractive and all had one thing in mind; the intention of making sure that 007 didn't live to die another day.

The types of things you will need to create James Bond villain fancy dress are things such as a little imagination, a little daring and a whole lot faux wickedness! You'll also need to choose from the following list of the most popular Bond baddies:

  1. Blofeld

  2. Goldfinger

  3. Jaws

  4. Dr No

  5. Le Chiffre

  6. Scaramanga

  7. Oddjob

Some from the above list are pretty straightforward to recreate and you'll find that you can get away with some straight legged pants and a white shirt for some of them. With a few added extras, such as braces and a set of pretend metal teeth for Jaws, or add a fake gold watch and a fake gold weapon and you're Scaramanga.

With the likes of Blofeld fancy dress and Auric Blofeld, James Bond villain fancy dress get's a little harder though far more fun to recreate. You'll need a gold shiny suit for Goldfinger – basically just aim for a 1920's hustler look, or you could be really daring and simply make an appearance in some rather shiny yellow or gold colored swim wear.

For Blofeld you'll need to make an effort regarding the fact that the James Bond villain was completely bald. Add in a false scar down through the right eye, a nice shiny suit and a plush Persian cat toy and you're all set!

The others are all fairly simple, Oddjob wore a dark suit and bowler hat, Dr No wore a light stone colored suit with a priest's collar. Don't forget the hair though – slicked back and dark! That's probably the part that let's many down, attention to detail. A search online will return plenty of pictures of the different characters
It is supremely easy to have a great night out whilst partying in James Bond villain fancy dress. For those with partners, why not have your significant other dressed up as one of the many Bond girls? If that's not the case, you and freinds could get together and all choose the same character just for the sheer fun of it. It would certainly make for a great stag party idea!

Tips & Warnings

A few final tips should help round off your James Bond event in style:

1. Consider hiring a limo if going with friends - arrive in style

2. Try to borrow or look through your own wardrobe before buying, Most of the James Bond villains shouldn't require the hire of a fancy dress costume

3. If out and about and you choose to use a false weapon, do make sure you're sensible with it. People are understandably wary these days and a water pistol can still look real from a distance!