James Gandolfini - Archetype of Modern Man
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James Gandolfini Dead At Age 51


 James Gandolfini is largely known as playing the confused mob guy Tony Soprano, who juggles a family while trying manage whats left of the culture he inherited, and going to a shrink once a week to sort out his personal confusion.
An acrhetype of the modern American man. Gandolfini lived the life some only dream of, a wife, money, two kids, and plenty of women on the side. Just like every red blooded American male. The Sopranos were a show that highlighted the dysfunction that is common to ever cultural group in the country. Tony Sopranos story was much search for identity, purpose, and respect in a world of instant satisfaction.
 Gandolfini was part of the second generation of east coast Italian Actors of the late 80's and early nineties. Gandolfini was part of the revival of the new independent cinema led by companies such as Miramax and Directors like Kevin Smith. Fresh talent to an exhaustively performed story of Italians, Gandolfini slid effortless into the role of Tony Soprano. His fifth season performances with actress Edie Falco is some of the best television has seen. Gandolfini moderated his toughness for each role, which helped him from being typecast too much in Hollywood. His ability to moderate the east coast Italian added the perfect complexity to each of his characters. 
 James Gondolfini grew up in the same New Jersey that became the backdrop of his Tony Soprano character. He was introduced to acting at an early age at a workshop in New York Ctiy. When he was twenty six he began to act in small production movies and plays. Making his breakthrough performance as Virgil in the movie True Romance. After appearing as the tough guy in Get Shorty, and subdued tough guy in Terminal Velocity, Gandolfini landed the part that would make him a permanent icon of American culture at the turn of the century.
After Sopranos Gondolfini went to on play several diverse roles during his acting tenure. Playing the character of Carol in Where the WIld things Are, and the CIA director in the Osama Bin Laden film Zero Dark Thirty. Most of Gandolfini latest work had focused on exploring Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of American soldiers.
Gandolfini died of cardiac arrest in Italy June 19, 2013, he will be missed. 
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