Jamie Oliver cookware (http://www.jamieoliver.com) is truly one of the fastest selling and most popular chef-TV kitchenware brands today. Made exclusively by Tefal, the Jaime Oliver cookware is a line of professional-quality and -styled kitchenware that is specifically designed to cook the freshest ingredients evenly and beautifully without having to look intimidating. All in all, the Jamie Oliver kitchenware is a lightweight, stylish, and durable line of functional kitchen tools.

Available in stainless steel and its popular Italian series, we take a survey of the Jaime Oliver cookware and why the guarantee that Tefal brings is truly what made this kitchenware line truly promising.

Jamie Oliver and Tefal: Names that We Trust

What's in the core of the Jaime Oliver cookware? My intention is to get people, especially moms, to get hooked to cooking. And, how would you do that if you use Mom's heavy kitchen tools, says Jamie Oliver. The Professional Series of Jaime Oliver kitchenware is made from 18/10 stainless steel that not is not dishwasher safe for easy clean up but makes cooking easy and fun. These pans, made by Tefal, offer the best control features so you can confidently and creatively dish up any meal, says Oliver.

Tefal, also known as T-fal, on the other hand has been one of the world's longest and strongest kitchenware innovators that had brought countless functional and easy-to-use but professional looking tools. Also referred to as "The Inventor of the Non-stick Cookware," Tefal shares Oliver's passion about food and cooking: the Company believes that cooking is one of the true reasons why life could be so pleasurable and wonderful. And, with tools that are so easy to use, homemakers and novice chefs can now truly enjoy cooking in its every minute.

The Jamie Oliver Cookware Line

Professional Stainless Steel Series comes with a heavy and durable and dependable aluminum core to give you an even and well-distributed heat system for stir-fry veggies, fish dishes, and even the rarest of meats. The best thing about the Professional Stainless Steel Series: it is built-in with a proven-tested heft that stays cool no matter what. It also offers a comfortable grip for easy maneuver and great control.

The non-stick edition of the Stainless Steel Series also comes with Tefal's unique Thermo-Spot system; it cleverly changes color so you can know exactly when to put in the first ingredient and the pan is perfectly pre-heated exactly as you want it. And, by the way, it also looks great with its superb polishing that would sure make your kitchen look more good and exciting.

What's available: the Jamie Oliver Cookware Stainless Steel Series is available in a 5-piece set and individual pieces. The Jamie Oliver 5-piece Stainless Steel Professional Pan Set includes frying pans, sauté pan, and saucepans. Also available in individual pieces: stewpot, milk pan, omelet pan, pot roast pan, and a stir fry pan. All items of the Jamie Oliver Cookware Stainless Steel Series are made in 18/10 stainless steel material and offered with a lifetime warranty.

Professional Hard Anodized Series shares the same features with that of the Oliver's stainless edition. Able to withstand up to 500 Fahrenheit, the Anodized Series is suitable for heavy duty cooking and dishwasher-safe. The upside: the anodized material ensures that no aluminum would not warp easily and react with the food. This way, you could enjoy the meal ingredients as it is and in its whole "nakedness".

Newest: Tefal has launched the Jamie Oliver Cookware Italian Series, a set of polished aluminum pans that is perfect for whipping up traditional and fusion Italian dishes. Complete with Tefal's Thermo-Spot and Prometal non-stick technology, the Jamie Oliver Cookware Italian Series is known to perfectly and evenly distributing heat, making every meal perfect just the way you intended it to be.