Amazing handling on both long straight walks and busy shopping centres

Extremely Light and comfortable to push

Two gears to suit different situations


Hardly any storage space

The rear seat is very small

Full Review

Based on the 4 S's of Storage, steering, safety and strength the Jane Power Twin Stroller gets a decent score of 15/20.

Storage (2/5)

This is the buggy's weakest point. The storage for a buggy of this size (and price) is disappointing to say the least. On a recent trip to the supermarket I could only squeeze in two bags of shopping. As the netting of the storage bag is so week one of the bags ended up tearing on the pavement and sending my groceries along the road.

However when it comes to folding the buggy down to store away it is pretty impressive and can fit in the boot of a small family car.

Steering/ Handling (4/5)

The buggy has two gears. The first is "Freestyle" which allows the front wheel to turn 360 degrees. This means that in busy shopping centres or schools you can eave in and out of the crowds like an Olympic slalom skier. You can even rotate the buggy 360 degrees on the spot using one hand. Ideal for when your little ones want to talk to you without craning their necks.

For long straight walks the buggy has a second gear which keeps the front wheel rigid. This means that the buggy is a little bit harder to turn which keeps it on a nice straight line making long walks easier.

The only problem with these gears is that you need to go to the front of the buggy and play about with the wheel to get them to work. A gear shift on the handlebar would have made this perfect.

Safety (5/5)

When crossing the road and going up and down curbs the buggy has never felt like tipping. The safety straps for the children are easily adjustable so that the child is securely strapped in but also comfortable. I have seen a few double buggies where the child in the rear seat can easily grab a handful of the child in fronts hair, however they can not do this in this buggy.

There is also a hand bake on the handlebar which makes stopping easier should you need to stop the buggy quickly in an emergency.

Strength (4/5)

This buggy is an absolute beast and will take a lot of punishment. We have a Bibi Swiss Strolli Rider attached to ours and our seven year old also sometimes sits on the front wheel arch. Despite this there is no change in the buggies condition. On other buggies we have used the frame has bent easily. A score of 5 would have been awarded had the storage basket not been so weak.

In Closing

The Jane Power Twin Stroller is an excellent buggy for parents who need to use the buggy often. Its main weakness is its lack of storage space but this is worth sacrificing for the amazing strength and lightness of the product.