One For the Money to Explosive Eighteen

The best selling Stephanie Plum Novels are a unique blend of romance, adventure, suspense and mystery, including light-hearted Culinary Mystery. Author Janet Evanovich seems to have won fans from all of these genres, perhaps part of the secret to her widespread popularity.

Janet Evanovich was born in New Jersey in 1943. She grew up in a blue-collar part of town. Janet was in her forties when she published her first novel, a Romance novel published under the pen name, Steffie Hall.

But it was the publication of "One for the Money" in 1994 that gained her an avid readership.

Stephanie Plum in Smokin' SeventeenCredit: Random House, Inc.

Inspired by the movie "Midnight Run," starring Robert De Niro, Janet decided to make her heroine a bounty hunter. Like the author, Stephanie Plum was from the blue collar part of Jersey, known as the Burg. Also like the author, Stephanie has a pet hamster and loves to eat Cheerios.

At first, Stephanie has no idea of the job requirements of her new job. She befriends a bounty hunter, or "fugitive apprehension agent," called Ranger, who teaches her the ropes. Her first job? Track down Joe Morelli, a former vice cop facing a first degree murder charge -- when she catches him. And she knows Morelli. There's a personal history. Very personal.

"One For the Money" was named a New York Times Notable Book.

"Hot Six" reached the Number One position on the New York Times Hardcover Bestseller List. Every Stephanie Plum has reached the same position ever since.

Other regular characters play important parts in the series. Like Stephanie's unstoppable Grandma Mazur. Her sisiter Valerie. Connie Rosoli, office manager for the Vincent Plum Bail Bonds Company. Dickie Orr, Stephanie's ex-husband. Diesel, who gives Stephanie her assignments.

This is the complete list, in order of publication, of the Stephanie Plum Novels to date:


  • One For the Money
  • Two For the Dough
  • Three to Get Deadly
  • Four to Score
  • High Five
  • Hot Six
  • Seven Up
  • Hard Eight
  • Visions of Sugar Plums
  • To the Nines
  • Ten Big Ones
  • Eleven on Top
  • Twelve Sharp
  • Plum Lovin'
  • Lean Mean Thirteen
  • Plum Lucky
  • Fearless Fourteen
  • Plum Spooky
  • Finger Lickin' Fifteen
  • Sizzling Sixteen
  • Smokin' Seventeen
  • Explosive Eighteen


Fans will note that not all of the Plum titles had numbers. A few were "holiday novellas," subtitled "A Between the Numbers Novel."

After her third Stephanie Plum novel, all of the titles have been chosen by Janet from fan submissions.