Infobarrel authors generally know that they should provide links to their articles on other web sites. Such links help more readers surf over to your content. This is called "Backlinking". Any links that are established on sites in order to point to an Infobarrel article is called a backlink. Backlinks can be set up on any site but Infobarrel authors should spend a little time evaluating the choices. Some may be better than others. Some cost money to use which is generally not worth your while. Others provide very limited help to your article. Still others may actually penalize your article, in the opinion of the largest search engines.

Generally, you want to establish backlinks on sites that rank as highly as possible. These tend to provide more importance to your article by transferring some strength through the link. This is especially true if the backlink is on a "Dofollow" web site.

"Dofollow", or more correctly, the absense of the "Nofollow" modifier, links are best for Infobarrel authors. These convey the most "link strength" to your article from the backlink site.

Pagerank Considerations
In the beginning of search engine technology, "Pagerank" was the most important statistic that applied to web sites. It was established by Google as a way to provide a numeric score to sites in the range of 1 to 10. It is still used today but its importance is less than it was, in theory. Even Google, the originator, has declared that web administrators should not put much faith in pagerank. That said, many people still monitor the statistic faithfully. Since no one really knows the absolute methodology used by search engines, it may still be advantageous to consider pagerank in your backlink choices. At the very least, the statistic tends to identify which sites are more popular than others.

The Value of "Dofollow" Links
In an effort to classify links, Google announced that they would support a link modifier called "Nofollow". The search engine was changed to essentially ignore links that were coded with this modifier. In theory, that meant that "Nofollow" links were useless for link building purposes. They would still work for interested readers but they would not convey any pagerank benefit from one site to another. As a result, many Infobarrel authors avoid "Nofollow" sites for their backlinks. Instead, they establish baclinks almost exclusively on "Dofollow" sites. Twitter is perhaps a notable exception since that site is "Nofollow" yet is extensively used by a large number of Infobarrel authors. Twitter is a very active web site so it is often able to deliver many readers. The "Nofollow" status is unfortunate but the benefits for Twitter links is still important.

Using "Dofollow" Sites For Backlinks
As an Infobarrel author seeking to establish a backlink, you should set up an account on a "Dofollow" web site, (Twitter excepted). Afterwards, you can write an article that provides a link to your newly created Infobarrel articles. Depending on the site, such articles can be as difficult to write as the Infobarrel article itself, a quick few word link or something in between. There are many choices and no absolute musts. Many Infobarrel authors like Squidoo for backlinks while others do not. They might prefer Hubpages, or some other site. There is no cost to you to set up an account on a backlink site, (unless you wish to subscribe to a site), so you should try out a few. You may find that you like some sites more than others. As long as you find a set of sites that work for you, your backlinking will likely work well.

A List of Dofollow Backlink Sites, And a Nofollow Site as Well



Pagerank Alexa Notes ? ? No follow but included since everyone should use it 7 192 Good revenue earning site. 9 links per external site. 6 3623 Short links 6 434 Both Follow and Nofollow links. Follow for links in author bio
       5 167 Not a good site for general backlinking 4 7113 Good revenue sharing site. Two links allowed per article.
       4 19382 Site uses popup ads which may irritate viewers 4 21236  6 2822 Nofollow links. Follow for links in author bio. Pagerank boosted of late.
       3 41107  3 56994 Short, easy to create links. Now a cost based subscription site. 2 1039015 Short links 4 6542 Revenue site. Short links, (200 characters). Slow to load. 1 7257 Very fast rising site. Easy to use for short links. 3 80952 Very high pagerank for a new site.    

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How To Use The Table
 The table above lists "Alexa" rankings that indicate the relative ranking of all web sites from 1 to a very high numbers. In theory, the #1 position would go to the most popular web site while #100 would be the hundredth most popular, and so on. This is, of course, in the estimation of the Alexa ranking algorithm. Whether it can be believed or not is not the concern of an Infobarrel article. It does provide a convenient method of gauging web statistics so it is included here for your reference.

In order to establish backlinks, Infobarrel authors may follow the sequence of steps here. Feel free to alter the order and the backlink sites used in order to establish your personal style.

Infobarrel Author Backlink Method
Create a new article on Infobarrel for the topic of your choice.
"Tweet" your article on your Twitter account.
Create a short 15 word link on Redgage, including a backlink to your article.
Create a similar backlink on Bubblews.
Create another short link on Folkd. Keep these all uniquely worded.
Publish a longer article, perhaps even a review, linking to the Infobarrel content, on Squidoo.
Create articles or short links backlinking to your article on any other web site that you find useful or easy to use.

Future Editions of This Report
The table above is not sorted for optimal use. That is because it has been created with a text editor. Luckily, a new program is in development that will improve this table during subsequent editions of this article. It will be within a database that stores the statistics. When the article is required, a simple extract will generate the proper HTML needed to establish the table headings and rows. Stay tuned for this development. As of yet, there is no estimated time when the new program will be available but it  may be in time for a March 2013 article.

If there are any web sites that you would like to see in this list, feel free to add them in the comment section. Dofollow sites are obviously preferred but others will possibly be helpful as well. The point should be to establish a list of sites that can be helpful for other Infobarrel authors. Thank-you for any sites that you provide!

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