This was my best month writing online for passive income so far, beating last month’s record earnings. Some of the major accomplishments include a record GoogleAdsense earnings, record Amazon affiliate earnings and even some meaningful earnings in Chitika. I wrote the most articles in a month yet and I even started a new account at Seekyt where I wrote over 10 articles, and reached payout on Bubblews.

First I will compare this months earnings to last months.

Here is December’s Earnings:

Google Adsense: $35.37

Amazon: $5 (up from $0 in Nov.)

Bubblews: $6.39

RedGage: $.43

Total Earnings: $47.19

 (November: $36.66)


So How Did I do in January? (As of Jan. 30)

Google Adsense: $57.72 (record)

Amazon: $7.19 (record)

Bubblews: $19.61 (record)

Redgage: $1 (estimate)

Chitika: $1.0

Total Earnings: $86.52.


Major Goals Accomplished

- Nearly broke the $100 for the first time, which I hope to accomplish in February.

- Had multiple days were earnings were over $8.

- Achieved over 30 points in the InfoBarrel contest with more than 5 articles submitted to  be featured, which increases ad share revenue to 90 percent.

“"For every eligible article published and submitted to our editorial calendar, receive an extra 1% ad share, up to a maximum of 5%.”

- Signed up on Seekyt where I wrote over 10 articles. Seekyt is becoming my second favorite place to blog.

- Created a CashCrate account and got 2 referrals. Made some money doing surveys as well.

- Got another article featured.

- Click through rate increased from like 1.5 percent to over 3 percent this month!

Major Goals for February

- Again, reach $100 total earnings.

-  Beat Januarys record Adsense and Amazon earnings.

- Write more on Seekyt and create a Hubpages or Wizzley account.

- I also bought shares of a stock that pays an 11 percent dividend and I feel has the potential to appreciate as well. The passive income I will earn next month from this stock is $18 on a $1900 investment, as it pays out a monthly dividend.

Best Articles on the Month

- I did an article on using the Google Keyword Research Tool that I think did well and is useful.

- I wrote an article on inflation and deflation, the economic terms, and I feel  it was one of the strongest articles I’ve ever written.

 Bubblews Thoughts

- I reached the $25 payment threshold a couple of days ago and am waiting payment via Paypal. I'll update in the next earnings report to see how long it takes.

- Bubblews definitely works and is easy to make money. You can get paid on view, like and social media share so it begins to add up the more you write.

- Is Bubblews earnings passive? In the beginning it's not as you earn money immediately after your post is done when people like it. But I'm seeing more earnings now passively - I'll leave the site with $1 in my account and check back later and see its up to $1.70, for instance, with no work done.

Keyword Research

- Like I mentioned in the Google Keyword Research article, I'm definitely focusing more now on finding low competition keywords. My goal is to find a keyword that has low competition but also has around 400-5,000 monthly global searches. It should also be something that can be accompanied with an Amazon product.

- I started a Niche blog based off of one successful article I wrote first here on InfoBarrel. It's a health related topic and I think it has the potential to rank high under several keywords.

- The goal is still passive income so the goal is to write articles that will show up in Google search consistently.

Other Passive Income Thoughts

-I'm starting to shed some speculative stocks I own in favor or income producing stocks and equities such as REITs and ETFs.

- I mentioned in the last earnings report that I want to get started investing in real estate and I'm getting closer to it. I will meet with a mortgage broker the next month to see what my options are.

My goal is to buy a duplex or triplex that produces cash flow every month and also doesn't need repairs or much maintenance. I'm trying to find alternative forms of financing for the 20 percent down payment.

- I keep reading and trying to learn more each month on different ways to earn income passively.

- Getting started in Peer-to-Peer Lending as well is a goal this month. I know it well as I've written some articles on it and it looks like a great way to get monthly income. I've seen people earning 15-20 percent annual interest on their loans and I think this is definitely possible. The trick is to spread out your loans as much as you can.

The minimum you can lend to people is $25, so if you have $2000 you should split it up into 80 separate loans. This way if 5 or so default on the loan, you will be OK.

- I'd like to keep increasing my Amazon income as it's been pretty low. Cracking $20 next month would be a huge step forward.

- I still haven't made a dime on Squidoo with 12 lenses. The worst part about it is if you don't keep updating your lenses they go inactive. I am really discouraged and thinking of stopping on writing there altogether, at least for the time being.

- I'd like to start writing on Wizzley and HubPages as well to diversify, as I mentioned above. I still have InfoBarrel at heart as the #1 site to write on, however.

Final Thoughts

If you don't write monthly income reports yet, I highly recommend it. It definitely keeps  me motivated to keep writing and making more money. I also really enjoy reading other peoples reports.

Thanks for reading my January 2013 online income report and see you next month!