The typical Jan birthstone is garnet. This can be used to commemorate the birth of your child, or you can even buy something special for yourself. Garnet also works exceptionally well if you want to give a Valentine's Day present but you can't afford a diamond. Just because you were a New Year's baby doesn't mean that your birthstone has to be red. Here is how to make the most of the birthstones for january.

Look at rhodolite garnet. This gem is becoming rarer all the time. It's not as harsh or as vibrant as a red garnet. It is almost a raspberry color. This is a more feminine way to wear a january gemstone.

Go green. Investigate tsavorite garnet. This is a green gemstone. Some people might think that it's an emerald at first glance. However, emeralds aren't usually that brilliant & bright. Buy a tsavorite garnet if your favorite color is green or you just want an unusual way to wear these birthstones. January can still have variety.

If you're asking "What is the birthstone for January?" then it's garnet. However, it doesn't have to be red. Change colors. Many people don't know about color change garnets. This almost mimics a much more expensive alexandrite. The gemstone turns different colors depending on the light. It can go from a champagne color to green, blue, red or even purple. It will be a way to wear a January Birthstone that most people have never seen or even heard of before. This works well if you want a ring that you can wear everyday, but you are always changing your mind. This way, the gemstone will constantly surprise you.

Find your favorite color. Spessartite garnet is one of the few orange gems. The point is you can have your birthstone & your favorite color at the same time. Shop outside of the mall jewelry stores that will just have a few red garnets. If you shop online you can basically branch out all around the world.

Think vintage. Garnets were often used in vintage jewelry. Pair it with marcasite for an antique look. You might even be able to find it in rose gold. This will give your red gemstone a unique flair so it won't be the typical birthstone ring.

Keep it sophisticated. Garnet is a semi precious stone. The good news is that this makes it very affordable. The bad news is that it might make the stone seem cheap. Spring for a nicer setting in gold, or a substantial silver setting. This way the ring won't seem like it's trying to be a ruby, or even a fake cz.

If all else fails, buy several different colors of the January birthstone. Red won't match every outfit, so if you want to wear the gemstone everyday, own several hues.