For January I earned $16.26 from Adsense on InfoBarrel and my Chitika earnings were $2.42 for the month. In total on InfoBarrel I earned $18.68 .

My Chitika earnings were usually .11 a day or nothing. Towards the end of the month I had one day where I received 10 clicks in one day for $1.14 in audited earnings. I was glad I was able to get more than one or two clicks a day on Chitika but I wished I knew which articles they were.

My Adsense earnings were less than what I though they would be for the month but I did make more than last month. If I keep publishing more articles then I will make more.

My Top 5 Articles Ranked By page views According to Google Analytics were:

  1. 10 Pretty Sexy Female Tennis Players
  2. 10 Things I Do Not Want To Find In My Bed
  3. 10 Odd Photos Of Women
  4. Make 5000 Dollars Per Month with InfoBarrel
  5. Las Vegas Casinos

My Top 5 Articles Ranked By Adsense Earnings Were:

  1. Skateboarding Camps
  2. Indian Ancestral DNA Testing
  3. My InfoBarrel Stats For December
  4. Design Your Own Shoes Online
  5. Make 5000 Dollars A Month with InfoBarrel

My top 3 traffic sources were:

  1. Google
  2. Reddit
  3. Google Image Search

I received a huge jump in traffic in one day from Reddit for one of my top 10 articles but it did not convert into any earnings. Info Barrel Page Views

I am starting to see a lot more traffic coming from Google Image search. I encourage everybody to include images in all of the articles you write. I also received hits from Google Images from many other Typing On Laptopcountry specific Google search such as

Yahoo sent me much traffic this month also. I was surprised at the huge jump in traffic I received from Yahoo was.

The "Top 10" articles I wrote received a lot of traffic. I think if you wrote 1,000 high quality "Top 10" articles you could make $10,000 a month on InfoBarrel. Top 10 lists are a huge traffic driver. Joey wrote a great tutorial on making Great Looking Top 10 Articles in the InfoBarrel forum.

One of the keys to increasing your CPM on InfoBarrel is writing that "Cherry Article" that consistently makes you $10-$25 per month or more. I have a Cherry Article that makes me a nice amount at Bukisa. I still have not got a Cherry article on InfoBarrel yet. Usually when you get that Cherry Article that is making you a nice amount of money each month it is not the one you would of suspected would of made you a lot of money.

You may write an extensively researched article and you know the keywords tend to pay high. You publish it and the results are little to no earnings at all. Another article you threw together in 10 minutes with no research and maybe a bit drunk and for some reason this article with low paying keywords becomes your Cherry Article.

I have 142 articles published on InfoBarrel and have yet to find my Cherry Article. I know I will eventually get my first Cherry article. It may be a new one I write and it just as easily could be one I already have published that suddenly takes off in popularity for some reason.

My target goal is still 1,500 articles by the end of this year. Image credit: (Flickr/antonde)