When you are looking to decorate your house and you want something which gives a unique natural look to the surroundings, you can choose any variety of Japanese fountains available today in the marketplace. The Japanese fountain is well known for its aesthetic looks and its natural touch.

The Japanese water fountain is designed in a way that enables it to be placed anywhere in the house. Due to its sleek design, it complements almost any interior design scheme. Generally Japanese fountains are use indoors and according to Feng Shui (the Chinese art of combining greenery and water), a water features helps in maintaining the balance of your house.

The Japanese water fountain is also commonly known as a bamboo water fountain. There are two major sub-types:

  • Tsukubai Fountain: The Japanese have used the Tsukubai water basin for centuries to clean their hands and rinse their mouths before entering a shrine or Buddhist monastery. The simple ritual is said to purify the mind before entering into a sacred place. These water features are generally used by people outside their small temples situated in their homes. In this type of Japanese fountain, a silent hidden pump bubbles water gently to the surface, spilling down the cleft of a ceramic waterfall.  The price range of these units is from $50 to $500.
  • Shishi-Odoshi fountain: Shishi-Odoshi is another Japanese fountain that is known for its beauty. Shishi–Odoshi means in English “deer scares.” It was anciently used to scare the animals away from homes and gardens. This style is quite popular among people in Japan. They can be easily assembled at home with the right materials and tools. Prices range from $40 to $800 depending upon the style you choose.

Japanese water fountains have many advantages when used in the home:

  • The decorative pieces are used as focal points in the home and provides a charismatic ambiance to the place.
  • According to the very popular scholars in Japan, they help in promoting peace of mind to the homeowner. It helps to build a spiritual atmosphere in the house.
  • They also help in keeping various insects and animals away from the house or garden.
  • The Japanese fountain can be used as a tap to wash our hands and faces. The water which comes out of these fountains is purified.
  • If you want to use your fountain for aromatherapy, you can add aromatic oils to the water which can help in creating a sweet and aesthetic atmosphere. If using it for aromatherapy you should avoid drinking water that comes out of it.

After reading all of the above facts about Japanese fountains, you may wish to purchase one but don’t’ have the money to do so. There is a solution. You can save money by making one yourself.  

If you don’t have the time to build one you can simply buy one from Amazon or eBay or any one of the numerous online retailers out there. If looking for a discounted price you can search on Google for discounted Japanese water fountains and can save money while having a great selection of fountain types. One will surely fit your home décor.