Japan's Ski Jump Toilets

A new marketing campaign for Georgia Max Coffee lets everyone feel like an Olympic hero on the top of a ski ramp. There have been a bunch of toilets at popular ski resorts in Japan redesigned to look this way. The agency responsible for the design is a company simply called "Tugboat".

Georgia Max Coffee is a canned coffee drink, which have been moderately popular in Japan. I've tried one, and the flavor was suprising to say the least. Georgia Max Coffee is a Coca-Cola product, sold most popularly in Japan, and Singapore. Released first in 1975, Georgia Max Coffee was one of the first canned "cold coffees".

More about the bathroom stalls:

Japanese Ski Jump Toilet

Ski Toilet

The cubicles are wrapped 360 degrees, so the person sitting on the toilet will have the skier's view. There's even real skis for them to place their feet on, right before the steep slope. Holding the toilet paper is a container, featuring the only branding message and logo that reads: "Seriously kick-ass intensely sweet for the real coffee super zinging unstoppable Max! Taste Explosion! Now, obviously that's a literal translation into english, but hey, who needs to read more about it anyway? Not me!

Ski Toilet Branding

There are a ton of 'seasonal blends' of canned coffee, and they make Mocha Kilamanjaro, Emerald Mountain Blend, and Original all year round. Other seasonal blends include:

Canned Coffee Japan
  • Georgia Coffee Original
  • Georgia Coffee Mocha Kilamanjaro
  • Georgia Coffee Emerald Mountain Blend
  • Georgia Coffee Emblem Blend
  • Georgia Coffee European Blend
  • Georgia Coffee Royal Blend
  • Georgia Coffee Platinum Blend
  • Georgia Coffee Qualite Latte (for warm serving use)
  • Georgia Max Coffee
  • Georgia Coffee Milk and Bitter
  • Georgia Coffee Latte (Japan 2004)
  • Georgia Coffee Latte—no sugar added and low in calories
  • Georgia Coffee Soy Latte
  • Georgia Coffee Demitasse Rich
  • Georgia Coffee Sweet Series White Chocolate
  • Georgia Coffee Tasty
  • Georgia Coffee Cafe Au Lait
Although I don't see the correlation between skiing and drinking cold coffee, I must say it is one of the most creative marketing campaigns I've seen lately.

Bonus Snowboarding Action!

Snowboarding Coffee Max