Java is a very popular choice among object oriented programming languages as it was able to provide a much simpler object oriented approach and many other advantages over other OOP languages, including C++. Java is also more secure, more flexible, more robust and dynamic in nature.

What makes it even more popular is its platform independent approach. When compiled, Java-written code is translated into an object called a bit code. The bit code will run on a Java Virtual machine, a component found on almost every computer in modern households. Due to this, Java does not depend on a system's architecture and is also almost free of implementation dependencies.

With the increasing popularity and implantation of Java, the trend to learn Java also increased. Many developers who were already skilled in using other languages for developing their applications, decided to learn java. Due to that very reason, Java training gained immense popularity among newbies who wanted to step into programming and development.

There are different Java training courses, especially with Java being used in desktop application development, web development as well as mobile application development. Java Standard Edition (JSE), Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) and Java Micro Edition (JME) are the most popular packages which are taught during such courses.

JSE is basically an introductory course, however, even that has levels. In JSE, developers will learn to develop simple applications and relatively complex ones. Simple web development will be possible with JSE as there are APIs, like the Applet API, which can be added to create simple web-based applications that can be added to different websites.

As for JEE, this platform handles multi-tier applications which are usually required by more-than-your-average users. The final product produced by them is more professional in appearance, more reliable and extra fault-proof. Many of those opting for JEE courses also decide to take on JPA training sessions.

Java Persistence API (JPA) is one of the best additions to JEE as it enables the handling of relational data by converting them into objects, thus simplifying the complexity of a program. JPA training can also be arranged as a stand-alone course, however, for that, a good knowledge of JEE is required.

Finally, JME is the last platform to join the Java platform group. With the popularity of cell phones and the advancements added semi-daily by mobile phone developers, venturing into the mobile world was an inevitable step for Java. Using JME, different applications can be made to enhance any phone's features. In addition, with Java's flexibility, designing and running games is quite easy as well.

If you want to learn Java you just have to decide the domain which you want to develop in and then learn its java platform. After that, the sky's the limit to what you can develop.