As a service to other Infobarrel authors, I present my June 2014 earnings review. This will show the monies earned through various channels during the month. This type of information can be helpful for newcomers to the site. I appreciate reading such information myself and I am happy to provide this report myself.

Infobarrel Earnings
The month was still fairly low for earnings at a total of $3.45. About 25 of my 300 plus articles earned some money during June. $2.79 was earned through tier 1. These are the primary advertising blocks that are displayed on the site. 66 cents was earned in tier 2. These are minor ads that are shown alongside the articles.

Infobarrel statistics show that ads were displayed 487 times to desktop viewers and 19 times to mobile viewers. This is quite a low amount of traffic. In days past, the traffic was a lot higher. Recent Internet realities seem to be keeping viewers away. It's interesting to see that my top traffic article gathered 105 views, about 20% of the total traffic for the month. This article actually describes an obsolete version of a project management software application. Articles covering the newer version are also active on the site but they do not perform as well as this old one.

Another interesting point from the traffic is that the top revenue earning article only had a few views in June. $1.86 was raised though. This is a very lucrative reward. If more traffic had come to the article, the overall total for the month may have been far higher.

During the month, I increased my social sharing of Infobarrel articles. Most of the newly published articles were linked to Pinterest, Twitter and Google Plus. Simply put, organic reach of our articles is not happening as easily as it once did. By using our own social media connections, we should be able to increase our number of viewers. This will have a direct bearing on our revenue earning statistics.

I increased my use of Pinterest and Google Plus during June. I was able to follow quite a number of new people on Pinterest. Some of these followed me back. I now have 372 followers. More work on Pinterest is required. There is no direct revenue earning possibilities with the site, but it can boost traffic to my articles.

Amazon Ebook Revenue
June 2014 was somewhat of an off month for Kindle revenues. Barely $150 was earned during the time period. This was largely due to good sales in the United States. For some reason, sales to people in Germany were quite a bit lower than they were previously. Sales to England were relatively steady at about 13 pounds.

In months past, my ebook revenue has been much higher. The peak amount, for example, was nearly $300 for a month. There could be many reasons to explain the variance. Perhaps the target audience has not been able to find my ebooks. Timeliness could also be a factor.

Because most of my ebooks are non-fiction, especially my best selling titles, they are perceived to age over time. This can be corrected through periodic refreshes of the content. That way potential buyers will see that the publishing date is quite recent. I have not updated my ebook titles for several months. I will have to do so this July.

Squidoo Performance
Squidoo earnings continue to be very much reduced. The total earnings for the month were just a few dollars. This is much reduced from the peak which was nearly $50 at one time. Many other site authors report the same huge drop in earnings. The site has gone through many changes in the past year to try to offset changes at Google, primarily. Unfortunately, many of the changes have had really negative effects on articles.

While many authors report that their work has been locked, or deleted from the site, my portfolio continues to survive. Traffic, however, is much reduced, and with it, earnings. Where I once had articles receiving 20 or more visits a day, now most of my work gets that many in a week, or it even takes longer.

As of the beginning of July, two of my Squidoo articles are in the top 10,000 on the site. This is fairly good performance. The next best is at 27,000. Higher payments are based on the ranking of the articles. Even at 10,000, however, the payment amount will be very low. Several of the articles have been earning Amazon commissions, although in very small amounts.

Udemy Performance
The educational site Udemy provided a small bonus in June. $7 was received from a course that I have published there. This brings revenue from the site to $22 in the past six months. Since there was no cost to establish the course on the site, this is a pretty good rate of return.

YouTube Performance
My YouTube channels continue to do quite well. For the month, another $6.21 was added to my revenue balance for a total of $72.93. The site pays when the total reaches $100 so a payment should be coming in due course. Hopefully the rate of revenue earning increases in the near future. My goal is to post at least another 10 to 15 videos on YouTube during the month.

Niche Site Performance
My project management niche site continues to earn very little revenue. The total earned was only $1.96 for the month. In times past, this site used to earn upwards of $50 per month. While that is not a huge amount, it certainly paid for itself. Now the site is actually a net expense. The hosting charge is about $8 per month. This is shared with several other sites, however, so the niche site is actually breaking even. Better performance would be nice, however.

BubbleWs Performance
I posted several new items on Bubblews during June, 2014. Most of these were related to the World Cup. That sporting event was trending very well. Since I was watching several of the matches anyway, I decided to post some related items. These were able to earn several dollars of revenue. The total earned is now approaching the $50 mark, the amount necessary for payment. Some people continue to report difficulties being paid. I will request a payment soon and report on the process.