Most people don't even realise that they're doing it. It can build up slowly and sneak up on you until you finally clue on and realise you've been sitting there clenching your jaw for the last 10 minutes. If it has only just started happening to you then you probably aren't experiencing any pain at this point. But if left untreated and if you continue the same habits; a clenching jaw can turn into teeth grinding and in severe cases jaw dislocation. Luckily there are a few ways to combat jaw clenching, but first lets take a look at why it might be happening.

One of the big causes of jaw clenching and teeth grinding is bad posture. If you sit or stand with bad posture for large periods of time, you probably already know that this is bad for your back. But, when you put so much pressure on your back, other parts of your body have to compensate. This can easily affects your jaw and so bring about tension and rigidity in the joint. This is one reason why your jaw may be clenching a lot.

Another reason is just plain, old stress. If you are consistently stressing maybe at work or with the kids, this will also build up tension in your body. The muscles in your jaw won't function as they are meant to and you will lose mobility, this can go so far as to cause jaw lock in some cases.

So now you know why it might be happening, what can you do to stop it? Well, first things first, you need to avoid stress as much as possible. If you stress at work and it's unavoidable, try to reduce the impact of the stress. You can do this by taking a few minutes out, closing your eyes and breathing slowly and deeply. Relaxing your entire body this way will help your jaw relax and will stop you from jaw clenching.

As well as this you need to sit and stand properly to reduce the strain on your back. So make sure you keep your back straight and your shoulders back, don't hunch over or slouch in a chair. Your computer should be at eye level or this can cause neck problems.

So there are a couple of easy jaw clenching treatments that you can start using today.