New Fish testing out the Waters at InfoBarrel

Is InfoBarrel the website I've been looking for?

Hello everyone, and thank you for coming to my first ever InfoBarrel Income report. I'm going to tell you that this is only my second day, so my earnings right now are $0.00. That's not surprising, of course, but if you're expecting some HUGE earnings on a second day, you're either misinformed or slightly crazy!

That being said, I am very optimistic about Based on what I've heard from other people that are earning on InfoBarrel via the InfoBarrel forums and other external websites, people are earning anywhere from zilch to upwards of $3000 a month. That is amazing (and I'm talking about the latter total).

Why I think InfoBarrel may be my calling

YEARS of hardship from other writing websites

Despite my "newbieness" on InfoBarrel, I have actually been writing on websites since early 2011. My first ever writing website was Triond with Xomba coming in second. I was absolutely ECSTATIC when I received my first $2.00 on Triond and I was even happier when I found out that I could post my duplicate articles on a similar website called Expertscolumn. Unfortunately, almost 300 articles later, Triond started to pay me in absolute peanuts, and Expertscolumn decided to close down.

As for Xomba, I had to close down my account at that website because the only way for me to get paid is through a Google Adsense account. I did have a Google Adsense account prior to joining Xomba but I got click bombed, which inevitably made Google close my account.

The Closing of my Google Adsense Account

And why it absolutely sucks to not have one

After my Google Adsense account closed, I discovered that it was almost impossible to find a writing website out there that I could participate in. Xomba needed an Adsense account, Hubpages needed one, even InfoBarrels needed one at the time. So what was left for me?

I could either continue writing on Triond (but I honestly doubt that after 300 articles and making only $1.00 a month that I was going to make anything more), or I could join a website called Squidoo.

Now Squidoo was fun...for the first few weeks. I had spent about a week writing an article about food garnishing since I love to cook and decorate my food. Surprisingly, the article now is getting thousands of views a month and is making me about $1-2. However, the work was absolutely hard and I'm finding out that nowadays I'm having to continuously maintain my Squidoo score to keep it in Tier 2. 

I have since then written 3 more good lenses at Squidoo but I have to maintain them in order to keep my score up. Soon, I discovered that I didn't really like Squidoo. It was a fun website but it required a lot of work. If I truly wanted a passive income, I would have to find another website.

So I packed my bags, and I discovered InfoBarrels.

InfoBarrels is Awesome

The ONLY website that ranks well and pays without Adsense

As far as I can see, InfoBarrels is the only writing website that doesn't rely on having the writer's Adsense code, so I HOPE that after almost 3 years of searching I found my home. The people here seem nice enough too, although I've yet to make any friends, haha. 

My Goals for September

If you know me, I'm the type of person that likes to keep a set of goals in mind. Goals keeps me moving toward my ultimate dream, which is to develop a passive income. 


  • Get self-publication status so I don't have to wait for my articles to get reviewed
  • Write at least 10 articles by the end of September
  • Earn my first $5.00 on InfoBarrel

Final Thoughts

I'm happy and optimistic, and I hope that I can turn my InfoBarrel ventures into something worthwhile. 

If you're new as well, why not join me? We could develop an awesome passive income together.