When you are jaywalking in Las Vegas you need to realize you will more than likely either get a ticket from a cop or hit by a car. In smaller communities across our country it is common for people to jay walk. Even if jaywalking is against the law normally police do not cite people for jaywalking. The reason is that in smaller communities it is safer than crossing at a marked cross walk. In large communities such as Las Vegas is can be very dangerous. Even deadly.

Jaywalking on the Las Vegas strip will get you at the very least an oral warning from a member of the police department. Las Vegas police understand that jaywalking is very dangerous to do on the busy Las Vegas strip.

Las Vegas Strip During The DayEvery day in Las Vegas the police officers have to deal with drunk pedestrians attempting to cross the Las Vegas strip in an unsafe manner by jaywalking. Sometimes when these people are stopped by law enforcement officers they will rapidly learn that the jaywalker either has drugs such as marijuana on them or the jaywalker has an outstanding warrant. If you have any outstanding warrants or drugs on you then you should never jaywalk, even if in a smaller community such as Beaver Utah.

If you jaywalk on the Las Vegas Strip and get clipped by a car then you may become handicapped. The irony is that each year in Las Vegas among the thousands of people that get cited for jaywalking there are a large handful that are already handicapped. If you are handicapped and jaywalking then it may be even more dangerous to jaywalk. Sometimes though it may be necessary in smaller communities for handicapped individuals in wheelchairs to jaywalk. There are many reasons for this but if there is road construction going on and part of the sidewalk is ripped up then the only way a handicapped person in a wheelchair can cross a road is to enter the street as the rest of the sidewalk is blocked off to wheelchair access because the sidewalk is ripped up so the town can make improvements.

In Las Vegas on Las Vegas Boulevard you may think it is safe to jaywalk as there is an island in the center that is lined with palm trees. Regardless of how safe it looks you need to remember that there are tons of vehicular traffic including cabbies looking for riders and tourists gawking at the neon lights instead of looking at where they are going. It is like playing the old video game "Frogger". You may sneak across a few times but eventually you will get flattened by a guy texting on his cell phone as he drives a garbage truck.

If you ever need to cross an intersection by Jaywalking then it is highly advisable that you wear a bright orange vest and carry a bright orange pennant flag to hold and wave high in the air as you cross the lanes. If you are planning on crossing the famous Las Vegas Strip by jaywalking then you also need to plan on getting a citation or at the very least an oral warning.