Capezio Jazz Pants

Jazz It Up In Style

Jazz dance competition costumes are exactly like the jazz dance genre, an individual interpretation of style based on what the dancer chooses it to be. This form of dance is very different in that respect. Each dancer can flow to the music and create their own version of movement on the stage.

When it comes to choosing a great looking jazz costume for competition, comfort and freedom of movement are very important. A show-stopping performance ensemble also has to have great visual appeal to the audience. During a performance,the last thing a dancer needs to worry about is whether he/ she made the wrong choice in dance wear.

Jazz Pants For Competitions

Jazz pants for competitions come in many different colors, styles and effects. A dancer can choose whether to purchase full-length pants, mid-calf or even shorts for performance.

Pants legs can come smooth and plain or in lace-up style. The Capezio jazz pants in this photo are short-rise or hip-hugger style for dancers who prefer to show off their midriffs on stage.

All pants styles suitable for performance are made with cotton lycra-spandex or stretch microfiber so nothing gets in the way of full body movement.

The jazz dancer is luckier than the ballerina who has to take great care not to crush her performance tutu. Cotton lycra as a fabric is very easy to care for and is very forgiving of wrinkles. It isn't easily crushed and has  wonderful resilient properties.

Shoes For Jazzy Dancing

Choosing the right shoes for a dance competition is easier because jazz shoes only come in one style; the Oxford. These dance shoes come with the soles split for easy pointing of the foot and arch enhancement. Jazz shoes are also called dance sneakers and are worn by both female and male performers.

Shoes typically come in black, brown and tan. In recent years, Oxford shoe design has grown to include slip on, very flexible styles, elastic inserts and some so light they resemble ballet slippers. The choices are growing every year.

Jazzy Accessories

Accessories thJazz Dance AccessoryCredit: Allaboutdance.comat look hot on the stage can include anything from fishnet gloves to funky hats to props. Dance competition costume accessories for this dance genre can be chiffon over-skirts, shoulder-high gloves, tight metallic dresses, tiny shorts and anything covered in sequins like the wrist bands pictured here.

The Jazz dance aficionado can find a whole range of gifts and paraphernalia like books, jewelry boxes, jewelry, tote bags and more.

There is something special about every dance genre in the performing arts. Every student who puts in the long, hard hours of practice and advances enough to be able to compete in a dance competition should be proud. With the right amount of practice, dedication and choice of dance competition costume, they come out winners every time.