Jazz shoes are specially-designed footwear made for the needs of the jazz dancer.Students who are new to the world of jazz dancing may see the many choices available in these types of shoes as a bit overwhelming. These shoes are becoming more individualized in their design features so that every student can find something that suits their taste and budget.

Capezio Jazz Dance Shoes

Capezio is a real leader when it comes to dance shoes of any type. They carry almost any style you can imagine. Capezio E-Series(41596)There are several different styles of jazz shoe designs available in the Capezio collection. The basic, traditional Oxford style shoe is the E-series Oxford that has a lace-up instep and soft, moldable leather top. The soles are split for arch enhancement.

The styles and choices available keep growing and growing. Manufacturers are working hard to provide as many different options as possible. There are now canvas, mesh and elastic options as well.

Another style of Capezio jazz shoe is called the Freeform shoe. This is more like a slip-on type dance shoe that is very much like a soft ballet slipper made to look like a harder version. This footwear has stretchy bands of elastic for a snug fit during peformance.

Capezio Free Form

As you can see in the photo, the Capezio Freeform is a very unique and different kind of  footwear than that of the lace-up Oxford design. Why was this style created? The possiblities are good that performances can be made more difficult by the  fear that laces could come untied during ultra-physical dancing.

A snug slip-on feels more secure on the foot. Not only is a design like this suitable for jazz, this footwear design can work for other types of workouts as well.

Sansha Brand Jazz Sneakers

Sansha is also another company that makes many different types of dancewear garments for many genre's of dance. Their specialty is the color and tone of the materials used. The Sansha shoe is great foSansha Canvas Lace-Upr those who need a flesh-toned or nude shade for performance.

Just like the basic Oxford style that Capezio offers in a black leather lace-up, Sansha has a similar style in tan or nude too. The interesting feature of this Sansha lace-up is the materials used. They are made of canvas.

Typically, dancers use canvas footwear for practice and rehearsals so they don't soil the performance pair. Some just prefer the lightweight qualities of this material.

What's The Difference Between A  Jazz Dance Shoe And A Dance Sneaker?

Many students wonder what the difference is between a dance sneaker and a jazz  shoe. The dance sneaker looks very much like the basic athletic shoe or sneaker. It has thicker soles and more tread on the Capezio Dance Sneakerbottom like a real sneaker does.

Not only does the dance sneaker work for jazz, but hip hop dancers also wear them during performance. Dance sneakers are more lightweight and flexible than a street athletic shoe. There are several features, however, that make it completely different from the athletic footwear design.

The sneaker design made for dancers is obvious when you look at the sole shape on the side. The deep cutout for the foot arch with no tread material inserted is the exact opposite of  street athletic footwear. The bottom photo shows how the sneaker made for dancing has no center arch sole.

Capezio Dance Sneaker(41601)

The world of jazz apparel keeps growing and today's student and professional alike has many choices when it comes to footwear style, design, color and materials.

Just like a performer has individual talent and skills, the footwear industry for dancers is trying to create as many different style options as there are dancers with different styles.