A peanut butter sandwich is a healthy and delicious snack or lunch food and its brother the peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a sweeter alternative. However, people do not frequently go beyond these two. Maybe they will jazz up that sandwich with a few bananas or maybe throwing that sandwich in a pan and frying it up like grilled cheese, but there are plenty of other foods that compliment peanut butter just as good as good old fashioned jelly and jam.

Peanut butter, as well as being a tasty snack, is also a healthy one. Just two teaspoons of peanut butter, which you can essentially get from a peanut butter sandwich, contains 7 grams of protein. The amino acids from protein help repair your muscles and boost the metabolism. Aside from the protein, peanut butter is also chocked full of fiber that helps regulate your bowels. But wait! There's more! Peanut butter also come with the healthy fats and potassium that helps prevent heart attacks!

Beware the following combinations, they may sound out there or they may sound plain amazing. Just make sure your mind and your stomach are open to the suggestions.

Also, make sure you do not have a peanut allergy!

peanut butter and cheese

Peanut Butter and Cheese

This was something my mother ate frequently and for all I know, still does. I was never a picky eater as a child, I loved beets, liver, and vegetables but I just absolutely refused to try this.

Until now.

I've personally taste tested all these recipes, whether it was throughout my life, or just today for the sake of the article. This one was one of those "just today for the sake of the article" things. The taste of this sandwich is kind of what you expect, it tastes like salty peanut butter.

This in itself does not sound so bad, because it is really not.I got a deep fulfilling feeling as I ate that sandwich, not the 'I feel accomplished' feeling, but a strange hunger satisfaction. It is difficult to put in to words, it is a lot like the feeling you get when you eat a good comfort food.

I made my sandwich with a good piece of sharp cheddar cut off the block. I imagine the taste varies with the cheeses, but the sharp cheddar was nice and salty and gave a bit of a bite to the sandwich. I am glad I picked that instead of Kraft Singles cheese, the thought of the texture with that cheese on it makes me a little queasy.

peanut butter and pickles
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Peanut Butter and Pickles

That's right, it is not just for pregnant ladies anymore. Peanut butter and pickles has elicited "eww"s from even the most adventurous eaters. In American culture, it is kind of an unspoken rule that peanut butter should only be combined with sweet things, like jelly or sugar in peanut butter cookies.

However look at places like India and Thailand, they combine peanut butter (or at least peanut sauce, I am unsure if it actually has any peanut butter in it) into many of their dishes. The combination of the slightly sweet peanut butter with the savory and slightly sour pickles makes an excellent combination.

Sadly, because people have something against the texture when peanut butter combines with pickles, this sandwich has remained something of the 'shameful child that you hide in the basement when company comes' of the sandwich world.

Oh, and apparently bread and butter pickles make a better sandwich than dill pickles, but I thought dill pickles tasted perfectly fine.

Peanut Butter and Eggs

This one, much like peanut butter and cheese, kind of grossed be out at first. This one, like every other thing on this list, does not need to necessarily be a sandwich either.

Yes, peanut butter and eggs. Combines all the spongy texture of eggs with all the creaminess of peanut butter. I will be honest with you, this one, I am not so fond of. However, there are people that swear by it, so why not be daring and give it a try. I found this to be slightly more palatable when the bread was toasted and the peanut butter was melty, like a peanut sauce.

To be fair to this odd sandwich, I am not too entirely fond of the way eggs taste in the first place. Eggs covered in slightly sweet nutty goo, no thanks!

Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Creme

Now that we are done with the weird ideas, it is time for the awesome ones! Marshmallow creme is something that should be revered. I dislike marshmallows because of the chalky texture they leave in your mouth, but marshmallow creme is what you would get if you burnt a marshmallow, scrapped off all the burnt outside, and put the gooey center in a jar.

This makes for an ultra sweet peanut butter sandwich. It is something your children would love if you are not too worried about their health. Combining peanut butter with marshmallow creme kind of cancels out all the health benefits, but it is just too good to care.

peanut butter and honey

Peanut Butter and Honey

So peanut butter and marshmallow creme is not the most healthy thing in the world, it is still great.

Unswayed by personal opinion? How about something just as good but not as bad for you?

This is where peanut butter and honey comes in. Honey has been a natural sweetener for years, so why not use it to add the healthy sweet you want to your peanut butter sandwich. As well as being a natural sweetener, honey is also a great energy booster with it's natural carbohydrates and natural sugars. It also makes a darn handy immune system booster, which is why it became so popular to put in teas, I bet. Though more likely it was the sweetness that made it popular in tea.

In a sandwich, it makes the bread sweet and has a general gooey texture that you expect with peanut butter. The sandwich becomes even more packed full of flavor and gooeiness when combined with bananas.