The economic climate in this country is very competitive and sprucing up your resume to your best advantage is necessary. When employers go through your resume, they are already looking for a specific skill set and if they do not see that in your portfolio you will be tossed in the pile of individuals who will not be considered for the position. They are also going to look at your list of skills and find out if you have something that distinguishes you from other people applying for the same position. One skill that you can add to your resume is your proficiency in more than one language and your exceptional communication skills.

In the United States, if you are fluent in both English and Spanish then you have the edge over your competitors especially if you are a healthcare professional or a social worker. A majority of the population in the US speaks English and Spanish. The Hispanic population in the US is steadily increasing and having an employee that can speak Spanish like a native speaker will significantly contribute to any organization.

In the healthcare or medical industry for instance, if patients are more comfortable speaking in Spanish, you will be able to communicate with them more effectively. Asking your patients questions regarding their condition, their medical history, their medication and other information pertinent to their diagnosis and treatment will get you the leg up you need to get the job that you want. If you are a healthcare professional and you need to discuss your patient's medical condition to them, you will be able to easily alleviate their fears if you speak to them in their native language.

As a professional in the social work industry, you will need to ask questions from clients and people you are trying to assist. A few of these questions include personal information such as employment details, addresses, contact information and can also include questions regarding sensitive topics about your marital status, child care and more. If you are speaking to somebody who speaks more comfortably in Spanish, using their preferred language will allow you to do your job more effectively.

A lot of schools and organizations are offering foreign language classes. Spanish, French and Portuguese are the most common languages offered in language classes. You might think that your busy schedule will not permit you to enroll in these classes but most schools and organizations also offer online language classes. All you need is an internet connection for you to take part in the classes.

Look at the curriculum or outline of the foreign language class you plan on taking to know if they will suit your purposes. There are classes that are also specifically designed for professionals in the healthcare industry and social work. These are more helpful for individuals who want to improve their skills and make their resume more attractive for their potential employers. Look for affordable classes that offer online options that can be more convenient for your lifestyle. Spanish lessons in California are very popular and you will find a reputable school that offer comprehensive and customized classes suited for your needs.