Not everyone can afford exclusive designer wall mirrors or those with ornate frames. Some of us might be stuck with a plain old mirror the previous tenant left in our new apartment, leaving us wondering how to get rid of it.

But instead of throwing it out, turn it into something you actually like to show off. It's easy, you can Wall mirrordecorate your mirror with just about anything, all you need is some supplies and a bit of creativity.

Here are a few tips for turning that drab old mirror into snazzy modern wall decor:

  • If the mirror has a frame, paint it with colors complementing the wall or the surroundings. Just make sure the paint is suited to the material of the frame.

  • Buy a window-frosting kit, and with your chosen pattern, stencil designs onto the surface.

  • Use gold, silver or bronze decal leaves and apply it around the edges. As the leaves have jagged edges, this will create a dramatic look. Make sure your mirror is clean, then apply the leaves according to product instructions.

  • Glue some flat-back marbles or glass beads on your mirror. Use a glue gun and a strong glue so the trimmings will not fall off.

  • For a beach-themed look, glue plain or spray-painted seashells to your mirror, either scattered across the bottom, or all around as a frame. If you want to take the beachiness one step further, drape the mirror with decorative fishing net and dried seaweed. At the bottom of the mirror, add some sand, starfish and sand dollars. Use a strong glue or adhesive for this.

  • Get some small, flat colored glass pieces from the craft store. Arrange and layer them close together to create a mosaic. You can also use sea glass or pieces of broken ceramics. Liquid Nail or the E-6000 craft glue is best used for mosaic decoration, especially for the tiny bits.

  • You can also attach flat colorful buttons of various sizes around the inside of your mirror's frame using a strong clear glue. You can layer the buttons or create different patterns for a lively and playful design.

  • Rhinestone jewels can make your mirror glamorous. Use clear ones or a variety of colors and spell out words or design ritzy patterns along the frame of the mirror. You can also glue stones from your broken rhinestone jewelry such as bracelets, pendants and earrings along the perimeter of your round wall mirror to create a stylish frame.

  • In addition to rhinestones, you might want to consider using cut crystals for a chic and elegant look for your mirror. Using glass adhesive, attach clear and colored crystals directly on the surface of the mirror around the perimeter of the frame. Your once-plain mirror will look dazzling and luminous once light is reflected through the crystals.

Remember, decorating is a matter of personal choice and style. So go ahead, make your mirrors more interesting by mixing and matching materials and designs to your heart's content. But be sure to leave enough room so you can still see your lovely face!