Do you have a clear glass vase and no idea what to do with it? You know the one, you were given it for Christmas or a birthday or worse Mother's Day. Do you just put it away in the cupboard and wait until you can put it out in next yard sale? There are many ways to use a plain glass vase other than just to put flowers in. Depending upon the style of the vase you have, there may be a number of different options, such as using fillers to provide interest to the vase, or lighting or even candles if the glass is suitable.

Glass Vase Filler

There are many types of filler out there. I have seen marbles, beach glass, shells, crystal, sand, stones, painted gravel, table scatter, pearls, balls, silk flowers, LED cubes, ice cubes to name a few. If you have clear glass vase, you can choose just about any form of filler. It is best to chose one to draw the eye, if you are planning on using the vase as a centerpiece. If you have a large glass vase then you can use much larger fill than a small glass vase. The amount of fill you need will vary with the size and shape of the vase. A glass cylinder vase filled about a third of the way up with acrylic colored ice can look interesting especially if you add some LED lighting to it. Most of these fillers are designed to be used by themselves or with flowers.

Vase Lighting

There are two ways of illuminating your glass vase, one is using an up lighter that the vase sits on; the other is by using LED lighting inside the vase. The up lighter is a small stand that contains an LED light source and can be battery or mains powered. Led lighting inside the vase can be achieved by adding small LED light ice cubes; they are waterproof and can really add a dramatic touch to a simple glass vase or transform a daytime vase to a feature for evening. If you have a blue glass vase using a different colored Led light can lead to a fascinating table piece.

Other Vase Filler

Other Glass Vase Filler courtesy Pix ElleOther kinds of filler that can be used are the ones that relate to your home environment or interests. You could choose to use golf balls or Christmas baubles, candy for Christmas, Easter, or Halloween. Another use that springs to mind is to fill a simple wide topped vase with small beads and use it to hold your makeup brushes. The filler will help the brushes to be supported and keep them still. Or you could try the kitten approach opposite!

There are many uses of plain glass vases with flowers as traditionally designed for with an assortment to different fillers to keep your vase interesting and unique. But if you are still struggling to find a use for the unwanted gift, you could always donate it to a charity shop or recycle it! Then go and look for a murano glass vase to replace it!