As far back as Cain and Abel, jealousy has been the cause of distasteful results. Just in case you don't know the Bible story about these two brothers, I will briefly relay that jealousy ended up in death. In our present time, that still is happening all over the world because one person gets the notion of being inferior to another. Certainly that is not the only root of jealousy, but a stronghold in many instances.

Jealousy is a trait that can hide behind many shields. Some, use that as a substitute for caring. If one cares for another and wants to dominate the activity of a partner, for example, the dominated one looks at the jealousy as an admired trait with a label of he or she cares deeply for me. Since the jealous person gets admiration for those gestures, the positive enforcement encourages that behavior even more. The result some times can be wife abuse, husband abuse and could result in a death too. There are many levels of jealousy masked as caring developing into anything from the silent treatment, embarassment in front of others, not including a partner in important decisions as well as all forms of anger.

A jealous person can exhibit that characteristic as a strength of theirs, when in reality, it is a weakness. The weakness is that there is a low self esteem either deeply rooted or superficially kept in that jealous person. In order not to admit a damaging flaw of a jealous nature, that person belittles and bullies others to make themselves look better. The focus is sometimes so easily transferred to an unsuspecting passerby, that the jealous person gets away with hiding that insecurity of theirs.

Not all jealousy is noisy, some can be shy, reserved and unsuspecting. Most of those people let someone else do the leg work for their jealous streak. There might be a protective family member that takes on the role of bringing out the jealously of the silent person or even a partner that loves that jealous person and comes to their aid. Without intevention, one keeps doing the walk of jealousy while the helper is the enabler. The strength of the union gives momentum to both. One becomes more diligent to step in so the quiet, jealous person can act like a victim. Both of the lives are transformed.

Some jokers are jealous people hiding behind a funny story so the environment will be light and jovial. The harsh reality of the underlying facts are the jokes redirect the focus on the pleasant traits of the jealous individual and not on the unpleasant ones. If someone gets hurt by a joke, it could be slight, annoying, painful or anywhere in between those stated. If you are on the receiving end of an uncomfortable joke and your emotional stability is solid, you might not pay too much attention and even get over it quickly to not give it any more thought. If you are a sensitive person, going through some personal difficulties at the time of the jokerster playing his pranks, it could be serious to you. The straw that broke the camels back so to speak.

There are sarcastic individuals that are deeply jealous. Downing anything or anybody as often as they can, seems to be the road they frequently travel. The most unusual thing about these people are that they hate that sarcastic trait in others and some times don't realize their behavior is on that target as well. A person who has jealousy intermingled with sarcasism mixes the two, so few people see the most undesireable trait being jealousy. The overwhelming sarcastic way seems to be taken as amusing by some and not to others, so it is a take it or leave it sort of characteristic.

Rarely does a strongly jealous person see this as a flaw. The people around them have either accepted this by categorizing it in the ones suggested above or have manufactured their own category. When a severely jealous person acts out, it is with a strong force and yet sometimes a person comes to give reasons or make excuses for that action of force. Cover ups are constantly being invented mostly by the victims of this emotion. Until it becomes unacceptable in society, out of the confines of the laws or when a person outside the experiences, realizes the harm of this jealous characteristic, then it is viewed as detrimental .