Jeans for large bottoms: Will They Make You Sexier?

How many times have you felt that a particular outfit makes your bottoms looks big? Women like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian make a  killing by just making their behind look bigger. Some women are very self-conscious and feel that every time they go out wearing jeans that people are always staring at the large bottoms. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have large derriere. There are a lot of low rise jeans for large bottoms on offer since women like Jennifer Lopez started to make them fashionable.

These low rise jeans can make some women uncomfortable. You might feel that it is not covering enough of your modesty. It does take a certain type of woman to feel confident about wearing tight fitting jeans. At times, it has a lot to do with the way you have been raised and also the community in which you were brought up. Because some cultures are rather reserved and only prone what clothing that will not reveal your curves, it can make it difficult for some to accept that they are beautiful even with big behind.

There are brands of jeans for large bottoms like the famous apple bottoms. These types of jeans cater to women with large hips and who are not afraid to show what they've got. It is all about attitude and knowing that beauty isn't defined by what the fashion industry or some fashion guru says.

You also need to be careful when choosing your jeans. The fact that you feel good doesn't actually mean you look good. Sexiness isn't about being provocative. The more you try to be the center of attention, the likelier you will make a lot of fashion missteps.

Another problem that a lot of women encounter is when they feel that they don't look as good in the same pair of jeans as a celebrity or the model on the marketing campaign brochure. You need to remember that what you're actually looking at has been retouched. This means you probably look better but because it is difficult for you to love yourself, you might not appreciate the way you look.

Jeans for large bottoms will make you look better and maybe sexier if you choose well and know how to combine them with other beauty accessories.

Another great thing about these types of jeans is that they are not that expensive. You can pick up a nice pair of jeans for about $40. If you're plus size, you can look into the following jeans that might enhance your figure:

DKNY Jeans Plus Size Jeans, Soho Boot Cut Aspen $62 at Macy's

Lane Bryant Dark wash jeggings by DKNY JEANS - $80 at Lane Bryant

The best way to know if a pair of jeans will look good and you is to try it on. If you don't want to spend $100 for a pair of jeans that will not fit properly, you should take the time to find a brand you like. If you have big thighs and some jeans don't fit properly and you can't breathe, you can try buying jeggings.

Jeans for large bottoms will not turn you into an overnight celebrity but you will look good and feel sexier because you're willing to do something about your body.