Jefferson Finis Davis is best known as the President and Leader so the Confederate Southern States after they attempted to break away from the United States. Jefferson Finis Davis was the leader of the Southern States during the Civil War. If it had not been for States rights issues then Jefferson Finis Davis may have ended up taking an entirely different direction and never became famous in history as he had. Jefferson Finis Davis had an exciting life, yet at the same time also very tragic. Here is some background information on Southern Hero Jefferson Finis Davis.

As the leader of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis would have had a vastly different ending to his life if the Confederacy would have won the Civil War. Fortunately for the Country Jefferson Davis and his associated Confederate States lost their fight to become independent of the United States. Davis was born in Kentucky during the early 1800s. In 1824 after finishing up College Jefferson Davis began attending the West Point Military Academy. This same institution that taught him to be a military leader was the one he would eventually fight against during the Civil War. Many of his classmates would eventually become his enemy in the future.

After graduating from the West Point Military Academy Jefferson Davis had various duties within the military. During this period Jefferson Davis became a plantation owner. Because of this plantation Jefferson Davis became reliant upon owning slaves.

Jefferson Davis became involved in politics during the year 1840. In 1843 Jefferson Davis ran for a position with the State House of representatives. Although Jefferson Davis lost his first political campaign it was a definite learning experience and he went on to become a great leader. Albeit a very infamous one.

Jefferson Davis once again entered into Military service and served honorably and bravely during the Mexican-American War. He had an admirable record in the Military. Because of his War record in the military he was selected to finish out the term of Senator Jesse Speight. Once he was appointed to this position it changed his life forever. In 1853 he was chosen to be the Secretary of War.

Jefferson Davis returned to the Senate and his life may have worked out admirably for him, but at the pint States talk about Secession were increasing. Jefferson Davis knew that to rush Secession would be a mistake because he was well aware that the Southern States did not possess the military capability that would be needed to overcome the Union in a battle.

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During this period a lot of people though that the United States would let the Southern States leave the Union peacefully, but Jefferson Davis knew this would not happen. He advised everybody to take their time and not rush the process or they would end up losing. Jefferson Davis truly wanted all of the States to remain together and United, but he also had the firm belief that each State had the right to secede from the Union.

After Abraham Lincoln was elected to be President then the Secession talk advanced rapidly. At this point Jefferson Davis had to make a decision. He honestly felt that the Southern States did not stand a chance of winning in a War with the Union, but he also had the strong belief that each Sate had the right to leave the Union if they so chose. With these thoughts in mind Jefferson Davis resigned front he Senate and headed back to Mississippi.

Jefferson Davis sent message to the Governor of Mississippi that he was available for service in whatever capacity they may need of him. Jefferson Davis wanted a Generals Position and was prepping himself to go to War to help Mississippi become independent of the United States. Jefferson Davis wanted to be a General but instead was chosen to become the President of the Confederate States.

Jefferson Davis started off as President of the Confederate States but acting politically instead of militaristically. Jefferson Davis still had the conviction that the Southern States had the right to secede if they chose to. He informed President Abraham Lincoln that the Confederates would pay the Union for any property they owned in the South and they would also pay their portion of the National Debt. Lincoln refused to pander to this as he was not going to allow the States to leave the Union.

Jefferson Davis made numerous poor choices during his command of the Civil War and it eventually led to the Confederate States losing.

Jefferson Davis ended up fleeing the Confederate White House. When people found out that General Lee had surrendered there was still a lot of talk of continuing the War. Jefferson Davis formally disbanded the Governance of the Confederate States and then fled the area. Jefferson Davis was caught and put in prison. After 2 years Jefferson Davis was released on $100,000 bail.

Jefferson Davis was generally treated positive by both Northerners and Southerners at this Point. Southerners began to regale him as a hero to the South and the North wanted to treat him positive to help heal the wounds between them and the Southerners. The case against Jefferson Davis for treason and other potential War Crimes was high. There were numerous things that occurred, but what happened is that Jefferson Davis spent only 2 days in court all together.

Jefferson Davis went to Canada with his family and then came back to the United States when his trial was supposed to start. For a variety of reasons the trial kept getting postponed and legal arrangements changed. Jefferson Davis actually wanted to go to trial so e could vindicate the Confederates views. There was a strong chance that a jury by trial could have let Jefferson Davis off and he became a free man. The North did not want that to occur for political reasons. Through a lot of twists and turns the complicated legal process ended with Jefferson Davis being a free man in his later years.